Tantrum Thursday

Alright, today is a TANTRUM Thursday and I really want to throw a little Tantrum!!   Over the last week or so I have had to go BRA shopping.  Now, for my male readers, I am sorry, close your eyes and your computer until I get this out!!! 

I wont tell you what CUP size I am, however, I will tell you that as I gained weight I grew ‘THERE’ too!  Most of my life I have been called a ‘big’ girl – and that is for my height and bone size.  I have always been around a 38-40 in bra size, so that is what I would consider the average….. I have now gone up to a 42 (or so).  This should still be ‘average’, right?  NOPE!! Not even close!  Did you know that many of the specialties stores don’t even carry anything over a 38 in stock?  You can get a DDD in 38, but you can’t get a 40 or 42 in any cup size!!  I am sorry, but although I am ‘bigger’ than I was I still don’t think my breast size is to be called a FULL or LARGE woman’s size.    In several stores the only bra’s I found were the ‘GRANNY’ style of white support bras!

The other fun came when I went into the dressing room with  5 bras, 2 that were 40’s and 3 that were 42’s and just like the rest of the clothing world, the numbers really don’t mean anything!!  One 40 fit, one 42 was so tight I couldn’t even do the clasp and one (that I grabbed by mistake) that was a 44 only fit on the LAST hooks and left me with red marks!  Again, I wont even go into the CUP size issue!!

Yes, I did find some that I liked, I actually love them!  I DID find some that even had matching panties (AMAZING).  I also found a bra set that fit and the matching panties were a size 9!!  That is for someone who is a 14-16 in pants size!  This means that below the waist I would be about 4 inches smaller than above the waist!  NO ONE I KNOW is like that!!!!!  
So for today, I just want to tell all those perfect women and nice men to enjoy their life, for the rest of us, anyone up for coffee??? They seem to be easier to size than a BRA!!!

And for all this I can actually offer you a featured artist that has a MOST WONDERFUL bra that fits perfectly for Valentines day!!  Yep, WhimsyArt makes each of her card with amazing detail and love.  She has also been certified as a Handmade Artist by ArtFire, which from experience, means that she has a true love and ability for what she does and truly makes everything by hand.  Please visit her studio and see her OTHER creations, you wont be disappointed!!

So as you go out in the world today, please remember to  – LIFT and TUCK – where it is necessary and smile, someone will look up at your face to see it!!  ha ha ha ha ha ha ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. ThePineConeTeaCup

    LOL! I think every woman has that problem with some kind of clothing….mines jeans, why is it that the jeans I love now are 12’s and the others that fit me are much longer? Or why no matter if the jeans say long, the bigger the size the shorter the legs!!! ggrrrr

  2. Real Life In A Minute

    I so get you…I have to go shopping too. Mine are just all so uncomfortable suddenly and they are going, going, gone! Not sure what I’m looking for and I’ll probably had to try on a hundred but I will succeed!!!Wish me luck.

  3. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you both for commented, believe me, my jeans would be on the TANTRUM too, but I don’t need those right now!!

    And I really wish you both luck! I almost wish I would make all my own cloths, but for me, the sewing machine and I don’t get along!! ~KM