Tantrum Thursday

This morning I have already sent my daughter off to Tallahassee, Florida for her field trip to the capital.  She is so very excited.  Although she is only in 5th grade she is getting to experience so many things through her wonderful school and giftedprograms.  For Monster it is a regular school day – and he is excited about going to school without Aye.  

I have been thinking a lot about bullying and how much WORDS really do hurt.  There has been so much in the news about it lately that I have sat both my kids down and talked to them about bullying and mean kids.  It is a hard topic and there is a fine line that some kids walk.  Bullying is a BIG problem in the world today (not just with kids) and there are a lot of mean people in the world.  
However, there ARE some lessons to be learned from mean kids and maybe even some from bullies.  The question comes in where and when that line of TOO FAR is drawn.  Bullying is nothing new.  It has always gone on, it has always been bad and it has ALWAYS hurt others.  The best we can do – for the moment – is talk to our kids.  Make sure THEY are NOT bullies, they are NOT being bullied and that they HELP anyone who is.  
These are ‘standard’ morals to me!

My featured artist has a lovely fairy that is having a really BAD HAIR day!  This could cause some teasing from her fairy friends – if she wasn’t just so cute!!!  Please visit HeatherValentinArt and look at all her wonderful artwork.  

Remember today, it is always OK to give someone else a compliment – you can always find something good to say!! ~KM
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