Tantrum Thursday

A Tantrum, let me think, can I complain about anything?  Oh ya, I am sure I can think of something!  So today I am going to talk about
Yes, I know that this will be a HOT topic for most of you, and it should be!  Years ago I worked at a mini mart and we received gas trucks about once a week.  They would come, check the level of the large underground tanks and fill them up.  Back then people used almost as much of the
Here is my problem.  We were billed for that fill and the owner would pay X amount for those gallons.  Our price would then be changed either up or down depending on the cost of that fill of the tank.  NOW the prices go up and down every day – sometimes within the same day.  Are these mini marts really getting daily fuel deliveries?  NO, so this means that when they raise the prices they are just simple
If you pay $3.00 for something on Monday and it is the same stock, same delivery on Thursday, it would still be $3.00, right?  Then why is it $3.10 on Tuesday and $3.45 on Wednesday??   I simply can not understand why the gasoline industry is not regulated more.  How can they get away with changing their prices every day?
I understand that everyone is in it to make money,
and that they are legally able to change their profits,
but still!
Am I the only one that notices this?  Am I the only one that cares?  Am I the only one that feels like we are being completely fleeced??
So I made these custom bracelets for a group of wonderful ladies that are walking in a breast cancer walk together.  They are all similar, but unique. 
And then I thought….I need one for my studio…..so, here is today’s new listing in my studio!  I just love the way they all turned out!  I don’t usually make adjustable chains, but these almost called for them – so I could hang a dangle off the end!!  What do you think??
If you are interested…
for A $25.00 certificate to my ArtFire Studio
For today I am going to continue the Breast Cancer theme with a beautiful scarf from thestringlady’s studio.
This amazingly talented lady struggled with the art of crochet, well, I think she has gotten it for sure now!  Her studio is FULL of beautiful creations.  I just LOVE this scarf though…. it might just have to be mine… *hint* *hint* …. it has been added to my Christmas Wish list.  Drop by her studio or other link below and let her know what you think of her work – remember to always -to let her know where you heard about her!
No hops today, sorry, just tooooo busy beading!
For my final thought, remember your breast exams and remind a loved one – it may save their lives! ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. My4boysand1

    You hit the nail on the head with your comments about gas. My hubby and I have been saying the same thing. 🙂

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