Tantrum Thursday 2/2/12

Today’s tantrum is very personal, it is about Manners.  Yes, that ‘thing’ that only the ‘old people have’!   I know that WE have come a long way from the time of ‘pen and ink’ style of writing, but I am not sure why we have lost our manners too.  With all this great new technology you would think it would be easier to say THANK YOU or PLEASE.  Instead I find that many people I run into don’t even remember what those words are for.  
I try very hard to respond to all my emails, all my comments and all those who ‘favorite’ me.  I know that with all the HOPS I do I also find people who just don’t know how/what to do when someone is polite and actually says thank you.  
I still write letters – YES, real one’s with a pen and paper.  I still send birthday cards – YES, in the mail.  I still find that I am excited when I get a card or note from a friend.  So why would I stop?  Has the OMG and TTYL world trained us so well that we forgot the TY and Welcome (I don’t even know if there is one for welcome).  Trust me, I TEXT, EMAIL, and MESSAGE, right along with the best of them.  But I also say THANK YOU and I also respond when I am asked a question – even if it is via email!  
What do you think?  Do you still use manners?  Do you find that others do too?  If you don’t, maybe we should start an OCCUPY movement to bring the words, THANK YOU, PLEASE and YOU ARE WELCOME back into our worlds….. I think it would make us happier!
Here it is, my newest creation… what do you think?  Know anyone that might enjoy this for Valentines or Mother’s day??  uummmm….
For the Love of My Family – Mini Key Chain Photo book
Today I would like to feature StrangeStore
I have been following them on Google + for a while and just love their creations.  Their ‘monsters’ are so scary they are cute!! Please go check out their studios… you’ll just love them!!
For me, I would like to close today with just this….
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6 Responses

  1. Michele of By Your Side

    THANK YOU for bringing up this subject!!
    While I am sure not perfect, I too make the honest effort to answer all f my emails and such and say PLEASE and THANK YOU!!
    It always amazes me when people tell me how polite my girls are, because they have been taught please and thank you!! Should it really be so rare that people compliment their politeness?? YIKES!!
    OK, that’s my rant!! LOL
    LOVE your photo wallet!!
    Hope you are having a WONDERFUL week!!

    • Krafty Max Originals

      Things here are going great. Thanks for your comments… I know you use your manners, I have gotten many ‘thank you’s’ from you in the past!! I get that comment too – your kids have such nice manners – of course they do, why don’t yours?? 🙂 Have a wonderful week/weekend!! ~KM

  2. paul stickland

    Thanks very much for the StrangeStore share, glad you like all those funny critters!

    • Krafty Max Originals

      You are so very welcome…. hope to have some of them in my house soon!! ~KM

  3. Sandra Young

    Thank You for the Manners Reminder! My mom was an absolute stickler for manners. I was the same with my kids and now that I have a grandson (he’s 3 months old) I’m already saying ‘excuse me’ when he sneezes. I will have to thank my mom next time I see her! To answer your question though I’m from a small town and manners are the norm but there’s always that one or two that you have to mine them out of. Now that I’m a grandma I’m more patient with those ones and feel like I won a small battle when I get the manner I was seeking…..have a wonderful day!

    • Krafty Max Originals

      Thank you Ms. Sandra. I know, I say sorry to the dog if I step over him or have to make him move. I am so glad to have been able to pass my good manners on to my kids! ~KM