Tantrum Thursday 2/9/12

Good Morning everyone.  I hope that you have had a busy – creative – week.  Life here, as you know, has been busy and doesn’t seem to want to slow down!  Yesterday I was able to bead, and life was good!  But then…. life got in the way! I have to say that since I started beading full time I have been VERY lucky to be able to stay home and make this more than a hobby/craft, for me, it is a business. 
Most people that I talk to say that TIME MANAGEMENT is the biggest enemy of people that work at home.  I AGREE! When I am at home it is hard not to do the laundry, dishes or sweep the floor while I am ‘supposed’ to be beading.  So, what do I do?  BOTH! I know, I know, you are not supposed to, but….
For me, my morning (before the house is woken up) is spent getting most of my computer work done.  This includes updating all my sites, posting photos, doing my blog and so much more!  Then it is ‘off to the races’ with the kids, morning routine and school runs. 
As the day really get going I spend some time on house work, get caught up (or at least I try) and then it is off to bead!  FINALLY.  However, this is the perfect day…. life is NOT perfect!  There are errands to run, laundry to fold, a dog to walk, and that is just the basic stuff!  I have to say, as much as I love working at home, there are some advantages to ‘going into the office’ to work. 
Whenever we move and I have a dedicated CRAFT room I will also have a door and I’ll be able to close it!!  Yes, I know, that is not the ‘fix all’, but it might help!
What do you do?  How do you stay true to your craft?  How do you manage your time? 
I started a new bead woven creation yesterday, what do you think?
This will be VERONICA!
Today’s featured artist is CraftsmanLife.  This amazing wood worker has developed his skills over the years into perfection! You need to see these works of art for yourself.  I have to say that the simple lines and fine quality really attracted me to this studio.  Please go visit, check out all the wonderful creations and remember to support hand crafted artists.
Today I would like to leave you with this thought,
Life is half spent before we know what it is.

-George Herbert
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2 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I do not manage my time very well, unfortunately! I love that you’re able to do what you love as a business! Hope you have a great Valentine’s week! I’ll be passing by you next week! 😉 I’ll wave as we go past.

  2. Shari G

    The key is remembering to close the craft room door. Of course my older boys usually open it, or I leave it open when I am done, and the cat goes in and steals my yarn.