Tantrum Thursday 4/19/12

It is funny how all throughout the week I throw these little ‘mini’ tantrums around the house and then when it comes time to write about a tantrum I can’t think of anything to write about!  I have chosen one of you today though, it is relevant to many of my fellow crafters/artisans and home run business owners.
When someone asks me what I do – I have come to say “I run my own company”.  This has come from many years of saying “I am a work from home mom” which got me that little ‘I understand nod’.  Until my son was born over 7 years ago I worked in Corporate America.  I was very active, had a great job and a very large network of friends, clients and business partners.  Then, I decided to stay home and dedicate my time to my own company.  My value in the work force dropped from maybe a 10 to a low 2 over night!  I am not sure how this happens.  

 No, I do not and never have home schooled my kids.  For the most part (once my son got big enough) I put my kids in day care!  That is right, I stayed home and still payed for day care…. why?  Because I am running my own business, not just sitting around watching TV every day. 
Most people say that crafters/artisan can’t make a living at their trade – and most are right.  I would NEVER have been able to do this without the love, financial and emotional support of my hubby and family.  I am one of the lucky ones that has a hubby that not only has a great job (two actually) but also has benefits that come with that job for the entire family.  This means that I do not have to get separate health benefits.  This has added to the ability for me to stay at home.
Now I also contribute my children being able to go to after school activities, weekend camps, birthday parties and even the park – almost daily – because I am ‘staying at home’.  They would NEVER be able to do most of those things when I was working, they were in day care all day. 
I have a routine that I follow every day.  Now that I have started working outside the home (part time) it has really thrown my schedule off.  I am not sure if I even knew how much time I put into the company until I started taking some of that time away.  I love the outside job, and it is perfect for me, but it is amazing how I have to learn – all over again – to schedule my day and my life.  If I thought I was busy before……
 So, what do you say to those who ask – what do you do?
Yesterday I posted these wonderful new creations – Cell Phone Charms for iPhones and other Smart Phones – and sold the first two I listed almost before I could list them.  I have 3 more still up and more ‘studs’ ordered.  I just love how these turned out.  Yes, I am using one myself!  Mine is PURPLE, what else could it be?
I also listed a new creation for the CreationsColorChallengeGroup.  Our colors this week were Red and Purple… here it is!
Today closing words are simple – 
Be Compassionate
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