Tantrum Thursday

This week, like all the one’s before it over the last few months, has gone by VERY fast.  It seems like I am always behind.  This week though, I have been facing a different issue – my inspiration/creativity is taking a nap!  Actually I think it is in a coma, but that doesn’t really matter at the moment. 
 I have been getting my house cleaned, the laundry done – including matching the socks – and I have even done my floors.   I have NOT, however, been beading!  I have tried, but it just isn’t working.  It started back on Friday or Saturday – about the time I got a custom order.  I have several ideas for this order, but I just can’t seem to make any of them work.  I also have another order sitting there…..waiting! 
I have tried several things, but so far it just isn’t there.  To keep myself busy I have been crocheting on a Christmas present, so it is not ALL a loss. 
I guess this Tantrum is about myself!  I know that I have had some ‘small’ glitches or naps in my creative VIBE, but never this long before.  I am actually getting concerned….. can it just TURN OFF?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Drink water upside down…..ops that is for hiccups! 
Thank you so much to TrinityDesignerJewellery for including a magazine from my DESTASH studio in this beautiful collection!
Instead of featuring an artist today I would like to show you a list of some of my favorite blogs.  These are all GREAT blogs with lots of information and fun! 
No hops for today – still trying to catch up on some from earlier in the week!
I think that I will leave you with one more ‘one word’ to think about for today
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