Tantrum Thursday 5/10/12

Although it is Tantrum Thursday I am just in to good of a mood to through a tantrum…. well, maybe not!  How about a MINI one?  
I have this customer that recently purchased something from me.  She has ordered before, and each time there has been ‘some type of issue’ with either me or my creation.  I am not sure why she orders from me, she never seems to be happy with me or what she gets.  The color is always ‘just a little but off’ or the size is not quiet right for a ‘perfect fit’.  I know, you can’t please everyone, but for some reason I just can’t make her happy.  
So, the problem is that she ordered something else.  This time it is was custom order, rather expensive and a LOT to time to make.  She paid me – my normal 1/2 down – we agreed on a design and I got started.  about 1/2 way through she wanted to change the design…. it would require me to start over and buy new supplies – and told me if I couldn’t change it she wanted to cancel the order and get her money back. 
 Now I have VERY clear policy about my custom orders and I know that most designers do, but where do you draw the line?  I hate to loose a customer, I have to cover the costs I already have into the creation, I have a unhappy customer, AND I have a 1/2 finished ‘customized’ creation!  Now, as far as my resolution with her, that is not really important, what is important is the message and standards you have with your custom orders.
Do you have a clear policy on custom orders?  Are you upfront with your customers about what to expect?  Do you communicate with your customers ‘over and over’ just to make sure they know that you are working on their item?  Do you set a ‘realistic’ goal for the time it will take for you to make and ship the item?
I have TWO new listings today, they are both soooo different from each other!  
Here is the first listing –
A Tropical Rainforest You Can Wear Beadwoven Bracelet
And the second one – 
Pink and Crystal Champagne Bracelet
I told you, totally different – but I just love them both!  I would wear either one!  
And for a closing thought, I think this is appropriate;
The only power which can resist the power of fear is the power of love.

-Alan Stewart Paton
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  1. Jen@thecraftingfiend

    I am just reminded I should do a custom order policy…