Tantrum Thursday 8/16/12

So, you day is just chugging along and BANG, something breaks.  For me it has been my AC and Washing Machine!!  I know, I know, stop complaining, but really?!?!  I paid all that money for a new AC and it is still having issues (and let me say it isn’t my installers fault).  It is just my bad luck!  The Washing Machine… works just fine for several loads and then bangs and floods the laundry room…. and then, when my repair man comes… it works perfectly!!
Now, to top it all off my computer starts to smoke!!  Yep, actually smoking!!  And the smell….ucky!!!  Of course my computer is under warranty and HP will be fixing it, however, it is more the point of it!!  I think that IF I touch it it breaks…..at least lately!! I was at work, getting postage put on some letters and the machine ran out of ink….yep, just as she was putting postage on MY mail!
Do you believe in bad luck?  Murphys Law?  Breaking mirrors?
Please, do not misunderstand me, I am very happy with life and MANY things go RIGHT, but I really would like things to stop breaking – or in this case – re-beraking!!  My life is so full of blessing and good that I do feel bad about complaining, but I’ll do it anyway…just for today!!
Now, on to today’s new listing… you have seen her develop over the last couple of days, and here she is;

Cleopatra the Color of the Nile

Now, I don’t mind showing off other jewelry maker’s items, especially if they are great creations, but I really have to show off this studio today, the WHOLE studio, not just one item!! Not only has this lady and I become friends over the past few years, but I have watched her creations – they are wonderful!! THEN, I got an email this morning – I won a certificate to her studio in her give-a-way…. oh my goodness…. I am so excited!!! Come see what I have to choose from!!!

Pansie dragonfly sculpted pendant

And now, for a final thought…..

” Never trade what you want most for what you want in the moment.”
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2 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    You sound like my sister-I swear, if that girl even LOOKS at a piece of technology, it breaks. She’s had numerous TVs, computers, phones, iPods, etc etc etc.

    We actually just had a HUGE ordeal with HP. We’ll just say that’s a name we don’t say in this household anymore, especially around my mom o.O

    But I like to believe it’s all in the way you handle things. Yes, there is bad, but there’s a lot more good in life and you acknowledge that, so that says a lot about your personality 🙂

  2. Krafty Max

    🙂 I am trying my hardest to smile and I am also thankful I had a spare computer (kind of) that is slow, but works!!