Tantrum Thursday 8/30/12

Today I am actually throw a thantrum, mayby not as big as usual, but a thantrum, non the less!  I told you that I was at a local bead show over the weekend, and I even showed off my ‘collection’ that I purchased.  But what I didn’t tell you about is how some of the other ‘beaders’ were rude.  YES, I DID say it… RUDE.  So, my tantrum is about manners today!
I am always so supprised when someone actually show some level of manners.  Isn’t that ironic how growing up I was SHOCKED about people who didn’t show the ‘correct’ manners and now I am SHOCKED when they DO!  
Have our lives become so separate that when we are in ‘public’ we don’t know how to behave??  At the bead show, and other events that I have been to recently, people push, cut and sometimes literally shove their way in.  I haven’t had someone ‘open a door’ for me in forever!  You know, when I am in line I actually will let the person behind me go, if they only have a few times.  
What has happened to US – as a people – when we don’t act right out in public?  I thought that was supposed to be when we were on our best behavior…. is this our BEST???
A new listing for today is fun and full of color….

Spring is Full of Bright Colored Nuggets Necklace

 Spring is Full of Bright Colored Nuggets Necklace
And I found this amazing featured artist for today…  CherilynnFineArt.  This talented artist has been perfecting her creations for over 20 years.  The love for her art shows in the expression and attention to detail in each of her beautiful animals.  There is a line in her bio that I think catches it all… She portrays the animal kingdom as one big family.  Please go check out her studio and all her other sites and remember, support handmade artists!!
 Yorkie yorkshire terrier original watercolor pet portrait
A closing thought for today, an oldie but goodie!!
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2 Responses

  1. Cherilynn Wood Fine Art

    Thank you for featuring my artwork on your blog! You are very kind!

    • Krafty Max

      I am glad you liked it!! Hope it brought you some views!! 🙂