Tantrum Thursday 9/27/12

So, yes, today is Thursday and today I need to throw a Tantrum….. but this one is a little bit different than usual.  I was watching a news show and there was this one ‘plip’ about this dad who was writing a blog and was talking about which of his two sons he enjoyed more.  Well, the word was ‘liked’ more.  He stated that since he had more in common with one son,  that he liked doing things with the one son over the other.  He also went on to say that he loves and enjoys both sons, but there is just more in common with this one.  (you can read the NEWS article here if you would like – http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/09/canadian-father-blasted-for-liking-one-son-more-than-the-other/).
Now, I think the worst part of all this is that we are missing the BIGGER picture.  He (if you read a little in his blog) is always going places, doing things and is a VERY active dad.  He is activly involved in BOTH his boys lives and that the one that he doesn’t do as much with is also the YOUNGER one (age 2).  So, the bigger picture…… this is an ACTIVE DAD!  That should be more of the point than a comment about who he likes to do things with more.  
I have to say that I favor my daughter over my son when we go shopping for cloths (although now she doen’t like to have me there at all).  But if you want to get a GREAT toy gun there is no one better than my son to shop with.  I love all my kids, I often like one more than the other, but I could NOT love any of them less than the other.  I am sure that we have all had moments where we don’t even like our children anymore – love them, ALWAYS, but like what they did…. not so much!  
I am proud of the children I am raising and only wish I could be even MORE active in their lives!  Isn’t that the point?  Can’t we let this one ‘maybe misunderstood’ and ‘blow way out of control’ comment go and be thankful he has kids and he is actively in their lives?
lesboys 300x225 Admit It, You Have A Favorite Kid. I Do.
This is him, and here is his blog – http://blogs.babble.com/kid-scoop/author/dadcamp/
Did you see the new listing for today yet???  I think this one is going to make someone VERY happy!!  I just am amazed at the colors and brightness of these Agates!  And the two different Swarovski Crystals mixed in….. be careful, I might just keep this one!!!

Bright Spring Agate and Silver Plated Necklace Set

 Today’s featured artist is – SurfboardBeachArt.  This great artist paints everything from wall signs to actual surfboards!!  I just love the whimsical look of these and think that they would be great in ANY age of kids room!!  Please go check out the wonderful creations and don’t forget to support handmade!!
 1ft wood wall surfboard letter art
For today I would like to leave you with just one word,
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4 Responses

  1. Sandra

    Love the creativity in these pieces! As for Dad, yeah, we need to get over it. In the scheme of things…I mean…really. See you on Twitter! 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you, see you later!!!

  2. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I couldn’t agree with you more Max! Just because you don’t enjoy doing one thing with one of your kids doesn’t mean you don’t like doing ANYTHING with them. There will always be personal preferences like the clothing/daughter vs. the machine gun/son, but like you said, doesn’t mean you love one or the other any more or less ^.^

    That new necklace of yours is stunning! I would have never guessed those were agates. Agates are truly incredible in their diversity.

    • Krafty Max

      Isn’t it funny how people pick out one word or one phrase and focus on that? Don’t they ever step back and look a the BIGGER picture??

      Thank you – as always!!