Tantrum Thusday

Today I have an issue that is very near and dear to most of you.  There is someone that I follow that has recently gone through this, and several who have gone through it in the past…… 
Cartoon of a Student Cheating off Another Student's Test
As I DO design my own patterns and do ALL my own beading, I watch for others to have similar designs.  I do NOT obsess about this, but it is something I keep an eye out for.   This is more than just a ‘copyright’ issue.  With craft and art it is very hard to copyright most things.  It is also very time consuming to copyright every item you produce.  There is a ‘gentle-mans‘ agreement about copying other artist work, but then, that goes right back to the ‘MANNERS’ of last weeks Tantrum for some people!
That being said I also have a folder called inspiration that is full of other peoples work.  I look at it when I just can’t think of anything to do.  And they do INSPIRE me, not encourage me to COPY their work.  To me, copying my work is NOT the HIGHEST for of flattery, it is a RIPOFF!  I work very hard to be able to say that ALL of my designs are ONE OF A KIND.  Although it is wonderful to create new designs all the time it sometimes makes it hard!  With over 300 items in my studio at any given time I have MANY that are similar, but none that are not unique.  Why is it that someone else can’t do that as well?  
There are those out there that do NOT have any creativity in them and are just copy machines that re-produce things they see.  Isn’t is amazing that no matter how hard you work someone wants to take things from you.
Have you ever had this happen to you?  Do you have any advice for us?
For today I would like to feature this wonderful stay at home mom’s studio – babycakesanddecorbyheather.  Although this mother of two puts together all these great items it is easy to see where her inspiration comes from.  Just look at this work!  

Remember that today might be a copy of yesterday, but then again, something WONDERFUL might happen and you’ll never know unless you ‘experience’ it!  ~KM
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9 Responses

  1. HancoxHomestead

    I seem to be hearing more and more about copying and people taking and using other peoples photo’s! I totally believe in the gentlemans rules. However with my soaps I do know that I am not the only one on the planet with my molds and I do see the same soap shapes! Also with my jewellery I know that someone else may have the same type of beads but, I know most of us work hard to think of an idea, make it happen and get the best product shot we can! There will always be those trying to make a quick buck off someone else. There are those with a true talent and then there are those who need to go away!
    Have a good day KM! Helen

  2. Pandula Arts Creations

    When I started weaving and especially drawing, I started out looking at other folks work. Sometimes I even tried to copy it…but never copy it and sell it. Then I got wind of all of this copyright stuff and decided I like following where my imagination takes me even better. Probably helps that I am totally challenged when it comes to charts and drafts. As for drawing realistically, I decided if I wanted it that exact I could just take a picutre/snapshot.

    For me, I just embraced my inability to follow someone else’s work and concentrated on designing my own. Safe on all counts. No copyright issues, and NO ONE can tell me it is WRONG. How do they know what is in my imagination? Lots of freedom in that!

  3. Kay Murphy's Studio

    Yep I totaly agree with you, ever since I have been a on the road artist (more than 30 years) this has happen. It is (ME) world of latch key kids, that has never known wrong and right. I don’t have time create what runs in mind but I do make sketches and notes to keep. I don’t want to look like someone else. I need to be my-self.

  4. tropAcool/Laura

    Yes, I agree. But it is possible that other people can have the same ideas at the same time. It’s a BIG world and only so many ways to do something. But there will always be those that make a living copying other’s work.

  5. Vickie

    Hi KM…I am stepping out of my comfort zone as I felt compelled to share. I have been thinking about writing about this very thing but, I am glad that you have brought it up. I, too, have seen many folks having issues with others copying work/designs. I myself have had this happen to me. However, MANY at the very event it happened shared with me that they could tell this person “TRIED” to copy me. I am very “thankful” that it showed and didn’t payoff for the copyist. I hope the lesson was learned. Since then, I met a “wonderful” lady that has an abundance of knowledge with jewelry and antiques. When I shared with her my fear of copist and putting my jewelry out there and myself “unknowingly” copying someone else…as it can happen, she shared this with me personally: “If you have done top-shelf work, a newbie can’t approach you. If you have a special skill, they’ll never catch your tail. And if you are constantly looking for new and more clever ways to express your art….if they copy you, they are copying yesterday’s news. And we all know where yesterday’s news ends up.” I hope that you may find some comfort in that..I did.

  6. Brandie Larsen

    Great post!! This happened to me about 10 years ago, when I had a great design that was actually ripped off by a manfacturing company from overseas. There was nothing I could do about it so I just went onto something new. I do believe in Karma though..:)

  7. Ginalimosaics

    It’s people who dont have their own ability to be original and creative that lose more. I sypathize with you dear. I would hate for my designs to be copied, although I dont mind helping others to learn what I do through tips and advice, I sure wouldnt want the exact design be made that I created. These people should just stay with paying for tutorials and creating what others dont mind mass producing and stay away from original artists.
    So go ahead and rant and have your Tantrum, I dont mind, I would too! 🙂
    from Mosaics by Gina on Facebook

  8. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you all so very much for your comments and compliments. I actually am NOT the one that is currently being copied – that I know of. It is someone else, but it has been on my mind for the last few weeks – so I just ‘got it out’.

    Just so that you all know, I actually TEACH other how to make jewelry, so I know that some sort of coping is going to happen. It is the people who actually ‘steal’ your OOAK designs and also your photos that really get me. If you use someone else’s work, at least ask and give them credit for it!

    Thank you all so very much! ~KM

  9. ~Shabby~Prim~Delights~

    I am new to blog hopping (only 2 months in) and I have noticed that alot of people make the same thing eg. ruffled cushions, altered art perfume bottles, soaps, necklaces, bags, ruffled aprons etc etc..just to name a few. But I am also noticing that although they are very similar each creater has done it differently. Its like giving two crafters the exact same pattern and asking them to make the item…but each will do it differently..being different textures and fabrics, different embelishments etc. Now if those two items were placed in a shop each customer that looks will although see similarities in design will choose the item that appeals to them, be it the fabrics or whatever. My point is this…we are all influenced by things around us…its when we put our likes into creating something that it becomes different. And again to the buyer…the buyer will purchase what appeals to them. So although alot people make the same thing…they are all different and each one is unique to its creater.
    A copy to me is someone who pulls the original apart in order to recreate the exact same item in every detail and method of construction.
    This is just my opinion.
    Kind regards Michelle