Tantrum Thusday

Does anyone know what happened to common courtesy?  
My 6 year old son has learned to open the door for me (and anyone else that is coming through) and to say yes sir and yes mama.  My 11 year old daughter has learned to say thank you and please, and even, you are welcome.  My children and a few others seem to be the exception to the general population of youth and adults.  

So when I tell you that I am ‘throwing a TANTRUM today’ you are already ready for what I am going to talk about… right?  
When we went to the fair last weekend there were so many people.  I know that it was crowded…. and of course people were going to bump into each other – I was not offended about that.  What bothered me is the number of people that almost knocked me over and didn’t even say ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me’.  And yes, I did bump into people, and yes, I was sorry, and yes I did say ‘Oh, I am sorry, please excuse me’.   

Over the past few weeks I have really been noticing the ‘manners’ of  people around me (and also those of my own family).  I still think we need some work – the kids have a hard time using their manners because some people are just rude and don’t understand.  

Then there is the wonderful people who  – 
– walk into an elevator before letting others out,
go through a door and allow it to close on the next person
– don’t say thank you when someone holds the door open for you,
will push you out of the way if you are to slow,
will cut in line
– will rush to the ‘just’ opened check-out line instead of letting the people who have been waiting move over first
– will openly stare at those who are a little ‘different’ than themselves.
– will point and encourage others (including their children) to stare along with them
– will look at any act of kindness as wanting something back
and so many more!

I only hope that as my children grow and become parents that one of the things I have been able to pass along to them is “Good Manners”.  I hope that I can continue to have good manners – even when people around you don’t have ANY manners.  I hope that the next generation of children understand that using manners is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

I have found a wonderful studio – waialuaplantation – that carries many vintage items in their studio including patterns, quilt magazines and even childrens’ books.  This one is perfect for today’s subject.  We actually have the DVD copy of this book and YES my children have watched it!

So as you go about your day today, please remember to say – THANK YOU to everyone you can – maybe it will rub off!! ~KM
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9 Responses

  1. Cia of Briarwood Studio

    This has been my latest grumble, too, Max. And sometimes I’m amazed at the people who exhibit the bad manners…people who really do know better but can’t be bothered. Ugh!


  2. Becca @Becca's Perspective

    Returning the Blog Love. I’m following you back now!

    I try to teach my students at school manners because so many of them come to school without any. Simply teaching them to not rush through the door and hold the door for someone else is something they aren’t necessarily taught so I make it a point to teach it at school, but in a kind and loving way of course.

    Becca’s Perspective

  3. Clipped Wings

    Is it that somewhere along the line parents forgot about manners? Manners are taught or learned so someone let the ball drop. I have a huge problem with people who have lack of respect for others property. People will walk through my gardens and crush plants in the process to come to the front door, instead of using the sidewalk. Just plain lazy and no respect for others seems to be a big problem these days.

  4. bettyl

    I miss the fact that people used to have respect for each other, too. It seems to be a dying art, but I made sure my stepkids have manners–at least, they do when I’m around!

  5. Michelle

    Yes! Very well said. Have a good weekend.

  6. ~Shabby~Prim~Delights~

    Totally agree with you….at the supermarket if I get in someones way I always say sorry and yet people hit my troller…hog the aisle and yet all you get is a dirty look. Manners are free and have the power to make or break a persons day.
    Thankyou for visiting me and I will definitly be popping in from time to time.
    Love your blog,

  7. Everyone needs reminders about manners! It is so easy to forget them, especially when someone is unkind to you, and that is when they are needed the most.

  8. Carolynleigh

    I know what you mean!! My husband has a broken leg and is on crutches. Someone at the store looked right at him and shut the door behind them instead of leaving it open for him. I couldn’t believe it!

  9. Little Wonders' Days

    I’m following you back from blog hop Friday, thanks for following me.

    Unfortunately, I understand what you are saying in this post all too well. It’s sad what seems to be becoming the norm in manners.