Tantrum Thusday

So how many of you have noticed that people in retail are not held to the same standards as they were?  My Tantrum today came about after a recent shopping trip.  
I first went to a ‘big’ unnamed mega store to get a few things and found myself in a checkout line with a cashier who couldn’t have been more than 20.  She was a very pretty young lady and very well spoken.  The only thing that I have to say that caused me to ‘throw a tantrum’ is the fact that she had on BLACK – yes BLACK – eye shadow and a piercing in her lip and both eye brows!  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against personal expressing.  If you wish to pierce your body – in any way – that is up to you!  I do remember, not long ago, that if you had long hair you couldn’t get a job without putting it up!

Then on to the next stop…. a very nice discount store.  Now let me ask you a question, if you are selling discounted items – extra inventory from other stores – does that mean that you are paid less than everyone else?  The answer really must be YES.   Here the MANAGER checked me out!  Yes, that is right the STORE MANAGER.  What a privilege, right?  Well, let me tell you….. Although this woman didn’t have any visible tattoos or piercings she was the sloppiest person I think I have ever seen!  She was in old, stained and warn cloths which I am pretty sure – by the smell of her – that they weren’t clean either! Now this store sold cloths, so couldn’t she use her discount to get some clean sweat pants or something?  I keep thinking that this was the STORE MANAGER!!!!!  Just think of what her employees were dressed like!  I actually didn’t notice any of the employed – they were probably staying away from this woman!  I actually almost got SICK from the smell of her!

And then there was one more store!  At this  store I  was so pleased!!  My cashier had a nice clean uniform – yes, uniform – on and was very nicely dressed.  It was WONDERFUL!!! 

So, once again, let me say that from my point of view everyone is able to express their own self image – in any way they want.  My only problem is when you are being used as the ‘face of a company’ you really should try to look your best.  IF you can’t, then someone above you should MAKE YOU!  Back about 10 years or so ago most retail locations required uniforms.  I understand that because of the economy uniforms can be expensive for some companies and employees, however, how about a dress code?  SOMETHING?  Even schools have dress codes!  

Please, if you are actually in the public eye remember, 

This wonderful artist – mysillybluehippo – makes kids dress up cloths.  Living in Colorado she came up with these ideas after having a hard time being able to find her own kids dress up uniforms.  Now she makes them!!!  They are just amazing!  Here is a wonderful Chefs outfit…. 

Aren’t they cute?  I’d better not even start talking about the ‘behind the counter’ workers at a restaurant…. that is a Tantrum for another day!

ENJOY your day and remember that when you walk out the front door – everyone gets to comment!!  ~KM
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5 Responses

  1. Pandula Arts Creations

    My eye is pierced. And I work in the public eye when I work. You could have gone to another cashier. Also some stores, like even the huge ‘Home Depot’ DON’T give employee discounts. Maybe she was working for minimum wage…alot of us are on hard times.

    I know you very well, I know for a fact you wouldn’t let anyone else tell you how to dress or what make-up you could wear. These are choices, you know AMERICA. What if the store required you to wear these things and it was the only job you were offered. We both know that isn’t usually the case, but I have had to wear many an ugly uniform, with my eye ring (which by the way is quite hidden by my hair and glasses) that I normally wouldn’t have worn.

    Good help is also hard to find. Maybe these ladies show up on time every day and do their job. At least they have a job.

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    I totally understand your opinion and yes, you do know me. I actually had no problem with either cashier, as far as their personality goes. The first one was VERY nice, I was simply commenting on her appearance. It was NOT only an eyebrow ring, there were two -one in each eye – that were about the size of my pinky nail. There was also a LARGE stone thing in her lip. Those things paired with the BLACK eye shadow – in my opinion – was not appropriate for a cashier. As far as the other lady, she was a story manager. So I doubt she was working for minimum wage. She looked and smelled like someone who had not had a shower or clean cloths for more than 3 days! She was, however, very pleasant!

    I totally understand that there are many people who are struggling, I do as well! I also understand that there are many stores that do not give discounts.

    This was meant to be MY opinion and MY opinion only.

    Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read my post. ~KM

  3. Doris Sturm

    I totally agree, Marci, and people who have to express themselves must then in turn accept the fact that the company who they are working for has the right to express themselves too, but ultimately it comes down to management and if management is sloppy, the whole company must be too…

    I never would have got half of the jobs in my life if I would have showed up to work in a Dirndl just because I’m from Bavaria, Germany – let’s get real, folks!

  4. Doris Sturm

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  5. My son is almost 20 and while he hasn’t any tattoos or piercings, his hair…oh my gosh…looks gross. And I love my son. Much. But his hair? Not so much. I’m like, “Cut your hair, will you? And wash it sometime.” He insists that he washes it, but puts gel in it to get that “greasy, unwashed” look. It bugs me, big time. I thought when he got a job…his appearance would change out of necessity. But nope. He got a very good job at the Home Depot and has been there a little over a year now, and has gotten two raises and even promoted him into his own area (flooring) but yet his hair…and it’s not only that it’s long – I know that men can have longer hair and still look good – but it’s just “unkept”. He doesn’t go to the barber or a salon, he just chops at it himself whenever he feels the need. And again…wash it will ya? But the Home Depot doesn’t mind. So really, what can I do about that? If his employer doesn’t care, then he gets away with it?

    These cashiers and other employees would not have piercings in the work place IF there was a set standard there for appearance. Most work places have lost their dress standard, and I do find that a shame. Sure, these employees might be “nice” but your appearance sets a certain tone, you know? Let’s put it this way…if you were having BRAIN surgery, and you were meeting your surgeon for the very first time, and a man walked in with hair that was shaggy and dirty looking, tattoos on his neck, and had piercings all over his face…do not lie and say that you wouldn’t be a tad bit concerned for your well being. I know I would. And this coming from a mother who has a beautiful 15 year old daughter with a nose piercing (that I took her to get!) and I think she looks great with it, and to be perfectly honest I was *almost considering getting one myself…. but while it’s okay for her to walk around with friends like that, walk around the mall, and at school….she does take it off for certain events (church, for one…and I’m quite sure when it comes time for her to get a JOB she will take it off, too…unless, of course, she gets a job at the Home Depot!)

    p.s. when our son got his job at the Home Depot, the Hubs was absolutely thrilled because wow, a family discount at the home depot? what father could ask for anything more?!! But the employees do not get any kind of merchandise discount at The Home Depot. Bummer!