Tantrum Thusday

I have been thinking about taking a break for a week from all internet activity.  And I have decided to do it!  I want to do a lot of things with my kids during summer vacation and I am going to start by taking a complete internet sabbatical starting on the 17th and continuing through the 25th.  I’ll be back posting on the 26th just like normal, but I wanted to prepare everyone!  This will give my family the time it needs!

I know that all of you will understand and will be back to follow me on the 25th, but I simply wanted to let you know what was going on!  
Now, on to the Tantrum Thursday subject – people who are ONE WAY FRIENDS.  Now this is something that is very personal, and I will tell everyone, this is MY opinion and ONLY MY opinion.  

In the past ( I don’t currently have any) I have had these wonderful friends that are ‘all about our friendship’ – UNTIL – something happens and they are suddenly ONE WAY FRIENDS.  Yesterday Aye and I had a ‘heart to heart’ talk about a couple of her friends and how friendship is a give and take relationship.  Sometimes you are the one that needs a shoulder and some help and sometimes they are the one that need the help and the shoulder. 

For me, though, the people that bother me are the one’s that are your ‘bestie of friends’ and yet they still have an excuse whenever you ask something of them.  THEN, the big bombshell hits when they need you to do something and it is something you are unwilling or unable to do.  Often it revolves around your money (I have found).   It seems that these friends seem to disapear quickly once the work NO is used.  The amazing thing is how hurt you feel about loosing them as a friend!  When this has happened to me in the past I have really put ‘a lot into’ the relationship, they seemed to be so willing to listen and we had so much in common, which was only an act.  Then when the NO happens and they run away from the relationship it is always the one that is left behind that suffers.  

These friends are also called USERS, however, for me it only happens once, so they are ONE WAY FRIENDS!!  Have you ever had this happened to you?  What did you feel about the situation?
Check out this wonderful collection that I have been included in – amazing talent!

You just have to check out Sasha and Veronika from Herbolution.  They are an amazing couple.  They are truly living the ideal lifestyle and are showing others how to live clean and healthy too.  Just reading their bio I found out so many interesting things about their products and they life.  Please go check them out and let them know where you found out about them.  🙂
For today I would like for everyone to remember that even a little comment from a true friend can brighten anyone’s day!  ~KM
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  1. Sasha and Veronika

    Thank you Max for your wonderful words about us 🙂

    Sasha and Veronika