Tantrum Thusday

Yes, it is that time again, time for a Tantrum.  
Today I have a good one, too!  
Bathing Suits!
Oh ya, I know just about everyone will be able to relate to a Tantrum about Bathing Suits, however, it isn’t about what you think.  It is about my daughter’s bathing suits.  As a little ‘LITTLE’ girl there were so many cute and ‘frilly’ suits.  Now that she is a young lady she has three choices – ‘little girl frilly’, ‘plain jane’ or ‘grown up sleazy’!  This seems to be the only choices!  We have been to several stores over the past month or so and it is amazing.  
First there are the ‘little girl frilly’ that are cute, and just barely fit her.  They have ruffles, cutesy little characters and  little to no shape to them.
Then there are the ‘plain jane’ suits.  These are the single color – one piece – suit that has NO shape or cut to it.  Very unflattering.
Now we have the ‘grown up sleazy’ suits.  In the junior department the suits fit, but there are only bikini’s and low cut – no back one pieces.  These suits are for the ‘spring breaker’ girls that want to show it all on the beach and have the boobs and body to wear them.  
My 11 year old has the body size of a size 3-5 junior, but (to her embarrassment I’ll tell you this) her boobs are the size they should be for an 11 year old – small.  So because she doesn’t have a c cup most of the junior suits do not fit her correctly.  
Here is my problem.  She is too big for the ‘little girl frilly’ suits, to young for the ‘grown up sleazy’ suits and she has a little bit more style than the ‘plain jane’ suits.    We have now found a suit that is a two piece mix between junior suits and little girl suits.  It will do for now, however, when she goes to camp she must have a one-piece…. I guess we’ll be embellishing one of those ‘plain jane’ suits soon!
Although this Tantrum is about Bathing Suits, I have to say that this problem is about most everything my daughter wears.  There ARE a few stores out there that cater to my problem, however, I am unable to afford those stores!
Am I the only one that has a 11 year old girl that wears a size 10 women’s shoes, size 3-5 juniors bottoms and size small women’s tops??  What happened to the sizes and cuts fitting the ‘average’ girl/woman?  I know that almost all of Aye’s friends have this same problem!  
OH WELL, I have been craving in use the 
machine again anyway!
Check out these wonderful hand crochet’ed bathing suits by essentialessences_crochet.
Stop by and see some of her other creations – amazing!!
I hope your day is wonderful, I know that mine will be!  ~KM


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3 Responses

  1. songbyrd

    My tantrum would be swimsuits too. I take issue with the fashion industry forcing such mature clothing on our kids. Can’t they just be kids awhile longer? Do they have to be introduced to sexy/sleazy so early in life? Can’t we hold up modest as something to ascribe to? (sorry, this is your tantrum and I’m taking over!) It’s not easy finding fashionable modest wear for grown up’s either…..

  2. Rachel

    I know my daughter will be there in a few years. She is 7.5 and wearing 10-12 size clothing because she is so tall. So far I still like Gymboree, nice, quality, age appropriate clothing. Not sure what we’ll do as she grows… I will probably be doing even more sewing. Swim suits aren’t actually too hard to make.

  3. seaoatsdesigns

    eleven – a real “in between” age for girls as well as boys! Where “fashion sense” and “fashion good sense” are often at odds!!!
    Enjoyed your blog – am now following and added your button. Grab my button and thanks for following seaoatsdesings.blogspot!