Tantrum Thusday

Is it a Tantrum Thursday already?
And today, hopefully I wont offend any of you! Sorry, if I do!
Do you all know what a BLUETOOTH headset is?
Isn’t is beautiful?
Isn’t it sleek?
Isn’t is wonderful?
For those people who are driving in their car, YES, they are wonderful.  For those walking around a store, NOT SO MUCH!!  The other day there was this woman in the changing room trying on cloths next to my daughter and I and she was HAVING a CONVERSATION with the WALL!!  After several times of saying, ‘oh, I am sorry, what did you say?’  I realized that she wasn’t talking to me!  She was a lovely woman with hair over her ears, so I couldn’t even see the ‘gadget’ that was attached to her!  After several minutes of listening (couldn’t help it, she was talking a bit loudly) about how this woman’s friends date went the other night we were done and FREE of the changing area.   
Well, not really!  
A few minutes later as we stood in line for the cashier I started hearing the same voice.  OH NO!  She was in front of us.  Then, the amazing thing was that when the cashier politely asked her a question she didn’t answer.  The cashier asked again and this time she got a ‘HOLD ON I’M ON THE PHONE’ comment.  WHO KNEW?  We sure didn’t!  We were unaware of the voice in her head – ops I mean her ear – and that it was more important than the person in front of her. 
So, here it is! 
I do believe in those devices – I even have one myself.  I use it in the car or when I am on a LONG call from my girl friend.  I do NOT walk around having conversations with the voices in my head – ops ears – in my everyday life!  If you want to have a conversation, please do, but I don’t need or want to know about it!!  I have even seen people with those on at a restaurant with someone sitting across from them!  
And for today I have a wonderful studio to introduce – ThePaintedThingamajig.  This wonderfully eclectic studio offers something for everyone!  You really have to check her out.  She lives among the coyotes and jack rabbits – read her bio to understand!  With a love of all things creative it is no wonder she has created this great phone! Make sure you check out her studio and other sites and remember to tell her where you found out about her!
And for today, I will pass along these words of wisdom from Beverly Sills – 
You may be disappointed if you fail, 
but you are doomed if you don’t try!

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7 Responses

  1. Monika

    I don’t know if you watch Glee, but in this last week’s episode they had their prom, and kids at the prom were wearing these headsets. I wonder how accurate that is =P I’m glad my high school days are long over.

  2. CinLynn Boutique

    I really hate to see people walking around with them too. They look like huge hearing aids!! And it’s pretty bad that they can’t be away from the phone for the short time they’re shopping. I sure understand your frustration.

    BTW….I have nothing against them either if used properly.

  3. Krafty Max Originals

    @CinLynn Boutique

    I know, talk about an INSTANT world!! ~KM

  4. Michelle

    Love that phone and I cannot stand those darn things in public. Personally, I think people want us to think that they are important, when in reality I just think they are crazy!

    My husband and I have them for when we are in the car or on a bike trip, it’s hard to be on a bicycle and talk at the same time, so this way we just stay on 1 long conversation with each other!

  5. Judy

    Technology is amazing and has blessed many, many lives in so many different ways, but we are way to attached to it and dependent on it (myself included!).

  6. Robyn Burke

    Oh, I am so with you sister on this one. I am so irritated with people talking loudly on cellphones that when I forget and do it myself, I slap myself. (JK) But I do find it annoying. The painted thingymajig looks like fun. And here is a quote to match your quote “If you aim for nothing, you are sure to hit it.” blessings~ Robyn

  7. Doris Sturm

    I agree! I don’t understand why people have to be so dog gone loud when they’re talking on their cells – it’s not like they’re shouting clear to China…I personally am not interested in their chatter and it irritates me to be involved in their conversations – VERY RUDE!

    Some people are so full of themselves – really!