Tantrum Thusday

And here it is again, Thursday! 
Do you remember what today is?  
So, what should I ‘talk’ about today?  Ummmm…  
For me the bathroom – meaning the kids bathroom – is the worst thing to clean in the whole house!  When it was just AYE, it wasn’t as big of a deal, but now, I have a little MONSTER in the house! For my little 6 year old the bathroom is either a play area or a ‘rush in – rush out’ area!  
If he wants to play in the sink, decorate the walls with his sisters finger nail polish (about a year ago) he will play and play.  This means that every towel will be on the floor, used or not and every surface of the room will be wet!  
Now, if he is in a ‘rush in – rush out’ mode that that is exactly what happens.  Sometimes the lid is up, sometimes it is down.  Sometimes he hits his mark…… sometimes he doesn’t!
So the worst has to be when he thought he saw a bug on the wall while he was in a ‘rush in – rush out’ mode.  Needless to say, he MISSED his mark!  As he turned and started running out of the bathroom he ‘wasn’t quiet finished with his ‘business’!  As I ran in to find out what was wrong I discovered this ‘business’ all over the toilet, the floor and part of the cabinet!
I proceeded to throw a Tantrum just like my kids do… UCK!! 
For my new listing for today I have done another needle case, this one is cute and simple!
As for my featured artist,  you just have to go see MackleyEngraving.  This studio has some WONDERFUL work in it!  Go check them out and remember to let them know where you found out about them!
I will be TOOOOO busy today to be able to follow up with any hops, so there wont be any!
As you start your day off remember to be thankful for your family and friends, some of them you are stuck with, and some you stitch too!  ~KM
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