Terrific Tuesday 10/2/12

Over the weekend I took a photo of my wonderful kids.  This is one of those RARE moments when all is right in the world!!!  
In my life this happens so few times.  Our children love each other, and we love our kids, but life in our house is ‘hit or miss’ sometimes.  With just over 5 years difference and a completely difference in personality it is often times hard to find a time when my children are HAPPY being together and not fighting with each other.  They are great separate, but together……….not so much.   I am told that much of it is just normal sibling rivalry, but being an only child it is very hard for me to understand.  
Here is my new listing for today, it is simply gorgeous.  I matched this great look with an amazing clasp.   This is one of those sets that you can wear with jeans to a BBQ or with a business suit to work!  What do you think?  Do you like it??

Turquoise and Red Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set – Krafty Max Original

And then, I receieved my BEAD SOUP book…..and YES, it was autographed.  I feel so LUCKY to have this book (you can get one of your own buy clicking on the photo).  I have already looked through it, ‘drowled’ over some of the beads and creations and I have already been INSPIRED by it!!
Image of Bead Soup book with free extra tutorials!
And I have a featured artist today too!  MandiesCandies is a very talented lady…. and did I not mention it yet…. she makes things with CHOCOLATE!!!!  🙂  With her teen boys being her testers – one likes white chocolate and one like milk chocolate, her life is full of sweets and joy! ***You really must go read her bio and find out what one of her boys is the State Champion in – 2 years running) ***  It was very hard to pick – just one – of her creations to show you, but this one, as many of you know, is close to my daughters heart (and stomach)!!!  Please go see all her creations and remember to support handmade artist whenever you can!
Peace sign lollipops suckers party favors 12 count
Did you see the give-a-way that I am doing???  Did you????  Please come check it out….they could be great marketing items or even just a fun way to say Merry Christmas!!  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the blog post where you can enter…. it really is VERY easy!!
And now, for a closing thought;
Make a habit of reading something inspiring and cheerful just before going to sleep.
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4 Responses

  1. Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

    What a sweet pic — you should frame two and put one in each kid’s bedroom as a reminder!!
    And yes, I love your new necklace and earrings! Beautiful…

    • Krafty Max

      What a great idea Ms. Sarah…. I might just do that! Thank you for the compliments!!

  2. Lori Anderson

    Yay to the book, but the kids are sweeter and can I have some candy, too? 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      Aren’t they tooo cute… oh, the kids are cute to?!?! ha ha ha ha !!