Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry!  I am trying to develop a new working ‘schedule’.  I am a very ROUTINE kind of person and driving Aye to school and back everyday has really made my past few years of routine go out the door!  Although I work at home – and do something I totally love – I didn’t usually go out of the house (in the car) more than once or twice a week.  Now I am leaving every morning around 630am and 120pm.  This really breaks up the day.  Although I (almost always) got up and got dressed and ‘ready for the day’ this  is different.  I can’t believe how much of my day is now centered around making these runs!  I also am finding myself making little ‘stops’ for groceries and such each morning that I may not have made before!  
Have any of you been effected like this?  How is YOUR morning routine set up?
Today’s NEW listing in my ArtFire Studio is the Green Lace Chalcedony Delight Beadwoven Necklace that I finished last week.  I have totally re-done the ends/clasp area and I am much happier with it!  What do you think?  Do you like it? 
and for tomorrow, I have this one to list – YES, it is finished, but here is the starting photo!!
How many of you have ever hear the saying “Here’s a needle in your eye”?  I am not sure what or why people say it, but for this wonderful artist – verybigjen – it is more than just a saying!  JUST LOOK at this cute and creepy pin cushion?!  And did you see what it is made out of??  OMG!!! 
Very late post today, so no hops, but my closing thought is to remember how lucky we are to have each other! ~KM
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  1. songbyrd

    My laundry/house cleaning day is today but since I have to let my floors dry it was the perfect time to go to my blog world.
    My kids are grown but for the last couple of weeks my husband has been working at the desk and it can drive me crazy! I get used to having the house to myself lol. it is very disruptive!! Actually I will just start getting used to it and then he’ll go back to work and I will have to adjust again.
    I used to drive school bus and my day was broken up by the a.m. and p.m. schedule which made for mostly weird days but then again.. we adjust.
    thanks for the reminder to just appreciate!

  2. Caren's Jewelry Box

    Guess your gas bill will go up a lot now, too! How does Aye like her new school?

  3. Clumsy Coquette

    Love the necklace, but the pin cushion is kind of creepy haha. Maybe it is just because I have a weird thing with my eyes and couldn’t imagine sticking pins even into a fake one. haha.

  4. Lindsay

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I”m following you back! 🙂

  5. Krafty Max Originals


    Thank you! I am very glad I am not the only on out there!! ~KM

  6. Krafty Max Originals

    @Caren’s Jewelry Box

    She LOVEs it!! She is doing so wonderful! Thanks!! ~KM

  7. Krafty Max Originals

    @Clumsy Coquette

    I know, can you just think of ‘sticking’ the pin in there each time?? 🙂 Thanks!! ~KM

  8. Krafty Max Originals


    Wonderful, thank you! ~KM