Terrific Tuesday 1/10/11

So you think it is Terrific?  
Do you really?  
Well, try having an ADHD almost 7 year old that has the Chicken Pox and can’t go to school or outside in your house!!  
Yes, that is right, he is ‘infectious’ and ‘contaious’ (yes, that is meant to be a play on words)!!!!  🙂
Yep, he has it ALLLLL over, but he wont let me take any more photos…. 
No school for 10+ days!! UCK!!!
But, I was still able to get photos yesterday of my CreationsColorChallengeGroup Challenge.  Our colors this week were Brown and Pink, what do you think??  Did I do OK?  The photos don’t do it justice, but when I put it in the sun it sparkles TOO much and I can’t get a good photo.  Just click on it to see all the OTHER photos I took!

But yes, it is a Terrific Tuesday, I was featured in this beautiful ArtFire Collection by DustyPixiesCreations.  Thanks so much!!
Today’s featured artist is someone that many of you have seen before… Kim Smith Charm Bracelets. I couldn’t decide which one to feature, so I featured two of her bracelets… let me tell you, I have to be careful when I look at her studio…. I want them ALLL!
And in closing I wanted to leave you with this quote….
The most certain sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulness….
-Michel De Montaigne
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2 Responses

  1. Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse

    poor bug, hope he feels better. those types of itches are literally nerve wracking.

  2. Kim Smith

    Bless you for featuring my jewelry, you are so kind! I hope your Son gets better very quickly! I remember my boys having it and it’s awful! Hugs Kim xx