Terrific Tuesday 11/29/11

Well, good morning everyone!  How are you today?  I am STILL trying to recover from the wonderful holiday we had!  I thought I’d show you a few more things from over the weekend.  First, this throw that I just finished.  I found out that Amber just loved the colors.  So, when I finished the last ‘touch up’ I handed it to her and said Merry Christmas!  She already has a couple of my crocheted blankets and she just loves them!!  This one was simple Granny Square stitch in a row!
Then there are these wonderful Piggy Banks that she made for my kids!  They are just sooooo cute!!  
Aye’s is purple, teal and black and it has PEACE signs all over it!! Monster’s is black and white with skulls and crossbones – it also has a pirate patch over one eye!!  I think these are so wonderful!!  Thank you Amber for your visit, friendship and love!
Oh, I almost forgot, here is the doggies in our lives having fun over the weekend too!  The larger Rat Terrier is ours – Ziggy and the smaller pup is theirs – Precious.  My dog only plays with HER!! 
Today I want to show off a set that I listed about 2 months ago.  I just love this set and can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet!!  It is listed at only $37.00 and has GOLD plated findings.  Please go check it out!
I thought I would show off a wonderful collection of artist today, instead of just one.  Please check out ALL of these studios, they ALL have wonderful creations.
Here is my hop for today!
And for today I would like to remind everyone to use LOTS of TAPE on those packages…. we don’t want any ‘peaking’!!  ~KM
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  1. Ms POSH

    Following by from Tuesday Friend Connect to say hello.
    Have a great day!