Terrific Tuesday

Well, the first day is OVER!  Aye loved her new teachers and classes – and YES, her locker!  Monster was such a BIG BOY and went to his new class all by himself!  The only really big glitch was that Monster’s bus was about 45 minutes late coming home – thank goodness for cell phones and being able to call the school to find out what happened – just first day traffic!  Here is what they looked like – aren’t they handsome?
Here is today’s newly listed item in my  Krafty Max Originals ArtFire Studio.  
What do you think?  Simple?  Elegant?
Today I would like to feature SusansScrapbookShack,  She has been designing paper crafts for the better portion of her life and it shows! Just look at the great quality of this little ‘school book’.  How simple would it be to just add photos and have a lifetime of memories!  This would be a great keepsake for yourself or a wonderful present for a grandparent or favorite aunt!  Please go check out ms. Susan’s wonderful creations and supplies in her studio or in any of the other links listed below it.  Don’t forget to let her know where you heard about her!!
Here’s y hop for today – a Twitter Hop!!
Enjoy your day and remember that we are ALL only YOUNG ONCE!  ~KM

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  1. Doris Sturm

    Look at how big your children are getting…nice photos 😉 Thank you!

    That is quite a long delay for the school bus. You’re right, thank God for cell phones!

    I would not call your bracelet simple, no, but simply elegant, YES! Very beautiful!

    Take care and have a wonderful week. I don’t blog every day, but I always remember our nice visit we had together 😉 With love,
    Doris and Gizzy (hugs)