Terrific Tuesday 12/13/11

So, I told you I would show off our tree.  It is small and is only a fraction of what we usually do for Christmas, but this year life seems sooooo busy!  It is really hard to also have a child that has a birthday around Christmas time!  I used to NOT decorate at all until after her party, but now that she is older she understands that Christmas doesn’t take away from her birthday!  Here is my tree and a few other things, if you look at it up close you’ll see my Angry Bird Ornaments from AmbersArtAlley.
Here is a wreath that the kids and I did last year – and if you look close you can see the hand woven bow that Marsha at PandulaArtsCreations made last year.
And here are the beads that my Grandmother made us.  She stranded each one by hand and they are about 10 feet+ long!  I just love them!  I can’t put them on the tree this year because of the smaller (not very strong) tree we have, but we just HAD to have them out!
Oh, it is beginning to look a LOT like Christmas….
And get this, I actually have TWO listings for you today!!!  YA HOOOO! Here are the two Large Hole Bead bracelets I listed yesterday!  What do you think?  They are only $15.00 each and until the end of the year there is FREE shipping to the US and Canada!  How fun!!
Today I am going to feature the beautiful work of  Chandi.  Her work is amazing!  I can almost see this leave actually just falling off a tree!  What a wonderful addition to your desk or dresser.  Please go check out her studio and see more of her work – by the way, if you read her bio you’ll find out where the studio name of Chandi came from!!  It is very cool!
No hops for today, but for any of you that have a FAN PAGE, please come leave your link for ALL to see!!  Simply click HERE and post your link!
For today I want to leave you with a simple thought: 
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  1. Amber

    That is one nice looking tree. I just love seeing how everyone decorates for Christmas. 🙂