Terrific Tuesday 12/18/12

Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  I was able to see spend some time with my kids, bead and even get our Christmas decorations ready to put up!  YES, I am VERY behind still.  But, I was able to ALMOST finish my ‘little girl’ bracelet.  I have NAMED her!!  Yes, I have.  I have named her, Ms. Sandy Newtown.  I know, that seems kind of ‘unoriginal’. but it just fit so perfectly that I couldn’t even think of anything else.  My hope is to get her done today and be able to photograph her and then start the action tomorrow on my Fan Page.  I have had a lot of interest and support about auctioning her off – remember, the proceeds will go to a Newtown survivors fund.  So, here is where I left off yesterday….
keep watching my Fan Page or Google+ page to see when I finish her and when the  auction will start tomorrow. 
I was also able to list something new in my studio… I think this one is so simple and elegant.  What do you think?

KraftyMax is having a SALE! 20% off all items in the shop!

Blue and White Ceramic and Swarovski Crystals Necklace Set

There was a winner picked and announced for my Book for Beaders Give-A-Way, it was Melissa Van Doren Vaughn.  I will be sending of her book soon!!
And there is still time to enter to win this give-a-way , it is attached to an amazing review on Bond with Karla.  It is easy to enter so go on over!!!
And now, for my featured artist; PiratePixieCrew. This amazing artist says it best in her bio; ‘I’m a compulsively creative person that is very much involved in the handmade movement’.  I know that we all understand that statement!  But I will say, her love for the circus and hula hoops is just as amazing as her creations!!! You really have to go see this artist’s studio, there is something for everyone’s taste!! This ‘Dreadhead Monster Family’ is simply wonderful!!!  Come visit her studio and other sites and remember to support handmade artists whenever you can!
The Dreadhead Monster Family - cuddly plush knitted toys 
For my closing thought I think this is perfect!
Love doesn’t make the world go round.  Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
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