Terrific Tuesday 1/31/12

Yesterday we spend with my beads….aaauuuuwwww!  My life seems to get busier and busier and somehow this means my beads get neglected.  In turn that means that I am less relaxed.  I know that for many people they look at the ‘little’ beads I use and think how stressful and complicated it would be to put them together into a design or creation.  For me, though, they are relaxing.  When I start working on them my mind has to consentrate on the beads and they way they are put together.  They actually CAUSE me to relax and enjoy my creation.  
Here is my newest… this little key chain / photo album was so fun to make.  I can see someone carring this around with a photo of their sweetheart or their family in it.  
Bright Hearts Beadwoven Key Chain Photo Book
Now for this wonderful featured artist – WorldOfLeathercraft.
This wonderful artist hand stitches and hand tools all of these wonderful leather creations.  As I read the bio I could really relate to the way the creations developed.  Then I read about Hiro, Mimi, and Buddy and how they watch over each creation – in their own way (you’ll have to go read the bio to find out who they are).  Please go visit this studio and see some of these creations of art – in leather.
Today’s hop is really special, it is a 3 in 1!!!  Yep, you can do your Google+,Twitter and Fan Page all in the same hop!!  Come join in with me!
Alright, a closing thought for today…
Life is something you do when you can’t get to sleep.
-Fran Lebowitz
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