Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday I got to spend the day with one of my oldest friends, Marsha over at Pandula Arts Creations.  She moved out of town and has just now returned.  It was nice to spend the day crafting, talking and just being together!  Her work, over the years, is amazing!  She is like me with interests in several fiber arts, but her favorite is her weaving.
These little pouces are her specialty.  I just love them!!  You can click on either photo to find her Fan Page and from there all her other links!
I have have been working on a couple more things, but didn’t get a new listing for today!  I did get the rest of the beads I needed for my OWL Bag, so here is another update photo – 

I still have MANY rows to go!!  I’ll keep you updated!!!

I am asking everyone to VOTE for which order I will do these bracelets in.  If you click on the bracelets it will take you to my Fan Page where you can either COMMENT or LIKE the photo that you would like done first!!
You can see some of my ‘button’ bracelets in my ArtFire studio by clicking here.
The amazing artist behind  LarkStudios actually has a background in the scientific fields of psychology and neuroscience!!  She has left behind her career to peruse her passion for art.  I, personally, think that this is wonderful FOR US!!  Her art is amazing.  I actually had chosen a different painting originally, but when I saw this cow I ‘fell in love’!!!  Please, go visit her studio, or any of her other sites, and let her know where you heard about her!!  ~KM
No Hops today, I will be too busy!!
Yesterday you wrote a note, today, make a call.  Call someone that you haven’t talked to in a while, just to say HI.  It will make you feel better – just to check in! Have a wonderful day! ~KM

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