Terrific Tuesday

It is a Terrific Tuesday, it really is!  I just have to show you these photos of my kids, this to me is the full meaning of summer and sleeping in!
I wish I was this peaceful sleeping!

This is a drawing that I have to show you all.  This was done by my 12 year old Best Friends’ son.  He has been drawing more and more over the last year or so and I gave him this book to draw in!  While my Best Friend was working on some of her paintings, her son was doing this free hand!  He has NOT had any training or classes!  Can you believe it?  This drawing is simply beautiful! 
Today’s listing is simple, fun and full of BUGS!!
This cute little BUG is perfect to match my bracelet.  daisydoodleembroidery has some wonderful creations in her studio.  Although it has only been three years since she got her first embroidery machine she has that ‘creative eye’!  Please go check out her studio and remember to let her know where you found out about her! 
For today, here is my hop

Today, remember that every rose has a smell, even if it isn’t a good one!! ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    Maybe you are this peaceful sleeping only you don’t know it? Have your hubby stay up and observe you one night LOL

    Nice drawing. I always enjoyed drawing/painting since ever I was a little kid and always got good grades in Art, but I had to take a sensible job, so there went that …