Terrific Tuesday

Today is a busy day for me.  I spent all day yesterday driving, mostly in the rain, taking Aye to camp.  This camp is a bit far, but it is part of the Operation Military Kids program.  This is Aye’s 4th year and she just loves these camps.  Because of her schedule, this was the only camp she could go to.  For me, it is bitter sweet to see her growing up!  Here is just one of the many photos I have already gotten!!
And, as promised, a new listing… what do you think of this one??
OK, next is a wonderful artist – silentgoddess.  I first saw this little ‘trailer’ in a collection, and I just LOVE it!  Then when you read about it you find out that each one is MADE TO ORDER!  A self professed METAL HEAD this great artist has some VERY unique and cool items in her studio.  With the support of Paul and Cody (read her bio to find out who they are) she is doing these GREAT creations full time!  Please remember to let her know where you heard about her!
I have so many things today that I will not be doing any hops, but, remember, they are a great way to grow your business, fans and friends!!
Today I would like everyone to stand outside – just for a moment – and look up at the sun or sky!  I know it is HOT, I know it is RAINING, but just remember how lucky you are to FEEL these things on your face!  ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. Doris Sturm

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  2. Doris Sturm

    Aye is growing up – that photo barely looks like her – at least not the way I remember her.

    You know I love your work – you make some lovely pretties 😉

    Gizzy and I have been outside to feed the ducks down by the lake and it looks like it might rain today, but who knows… I have to spend some time outside every day, no matter what or else it doesn’t feel right!

    Have a good week, Marci!

  3. Caren's Jewelry Box

    Love your new purple square bracelet! It hasn’t rained on my side of town yet, but I think it will shortly.