Terrific Tuesday

First let me tell you where we went – on just the first day – 
Group photo in front of the Capital (about 500-600 kids/chaperone’s)
Washington National Cathedral
Smithsonian Aero and Space Museum
Holocaust Museum
Ford Theatre
Vietnam, Korean, Woman’s and Lincoln Memorials
Metro Station
 Space, the final frontier!
 Oh Vanna, you have nothing on my girl!
 Mapping our route out!
Now that is a photo to remember!
 Boy is HE big!
Look Mom, I am ‘this big’!!
For anyone that is even ‘just crafty’ we have been doing a FRIENDLY little challenge via FaceBook.  I would love for you to come join us.  This Creations Color Challenge is Black and White.  The reveal dates are 7/4/11 – 7/9/11.  You don’t have to have a studio, do crafts full time, or even sell your creation, just be a member of FB, sign on to our even (click photo below) and create something that is Black and White.  Then post it during the reveal dates on the events page.  The main reason we designed this was just to be INSPIRED and creative!  Please, come join us if you want (if you have any trouble ‘attending’ the even, let me know and I’ll invite you!)
So, did any of you guess who this is?
I guess you’ll just have to come back tomorrow and find out!!
I have an amazing photographer to feature today, Karen from KarenCaseySmith.  I found this photo and just loved the simplicity of it.  You can create many hidden meanings to this photo, so you can simply look at it as a cracked mirror.  Either way Karen has really captured a wonderful photograph.  Please visit her studio and see her many Mandala’s that she has created.  If you read through her bio you will find that this is a lady that is at peace with herself and her surroundings!  You really need to check her out – don’t forget to let her know where you heard about her studio though, please!
Twitter Hop at

As I get older words my mother spoke from the time I was very small come to mind more and more often.  When she forgot something she would always say:

‘It is called ANYTIMERS, because ANYONE can have it ANYTIME‘ 
and then go on with her day!  ~KM

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4 Responses

  1. Aprons by MeMe

    Great Pics!! SEW glad you had a wonderful time ♥

  2. tropAcool/Laura

    That looks like you had a blast! I sooooo want to go to Washington DC.

  3. beautifulswagstore

    great pics! Awesome place to visit.

  4. Karen Casey-Smith

    It looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the pictures. 🙂 Thank you so much for the feature, and your kind words on my work. I really appreciate it!