Terrific Tuesday

What a day yesterday ended up being!  My mom-in-law and I ended up shopping and fixing her ‘electronics’ yesterday.  The only down side was the SMOKE!  Here in North Florida the smoke is so thick that you can actually TASTE it in the air!  Between that and the heat it is almost unbearable to be outside!  Oh well, I think I will just have to bead…. oh the torture!!  ha ha ha ha


And for some new things I am listing, well, here is a sneak preview….

What do you think??  I’ll be doing a few more too!  
Today I thought I would show off this shop.  They have lots of stamps and scrap booking supplies!  I just love these stamps!   Please go check out SeeSpotStamp studio and let them know where you found out about them!  
Since I haven’t done my numbers lately – I thought I would do them today:
5/17/11 –  919 followers
6/14/11 –  969 followers
5/17/11 – 1990 followers
6/14/11 – 2101 followers
Fan Page
5/17/11 – 3589 Fans
6/14/11 – 3653 Fans
5/17/11 – 6,548
6/14/11 – 6,723

Growth – 175 (26 days time) 

Not bad, HU???  I credit MOST of it to HOPS!!  When I do them, I actually DO THEM!   I can’t beleive some of the wonderful people and blogs I have meet! 
So, for today, here are the hops I am doing!
Come join me and help grow your fans/followers!
So, the thought for today is – remember to include something sparkly in your life – everyday!  ~KM
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