Terrific Tuesday

This is a Terrific Tuesday!  
Yesterday was another day at school – it is amazing, I go to drop off some paperwork and end up spending 3 hours there!  I don’t mind, please do not get me wrong, it is just a ‘glitch’ in my plan!
I took a couple of photos of my flowers yesterday – they just looked SOOO beautiful I had to!  
So, what do you think??
I have to say, I am really enjoying my ‘OUTSIDE’ world this year!
I also promised to show you something I am working on –  well, here it is – I hoped to get it done yesterday, but just didn’t quiet make it.  I will have it done today though, so tomorrow you will get to see the finished creation.
Since I was thinking so much about my flowers and garden I thought I would feature MiscKDesigns and their work.  This wonderful Husband and Wife team started their ‘creative’ business after a tragedy and have found the life of crafting therapeutic.  Go visit their wonderful studio and see all the amazing things that they create in their garage – which isn’t for any of their cars!  Remember to let them know where you heard about them!!
And now, for some news for you – my fans!  I did a polling question on my fan page and found that most of you wanted a sale – and 35% off was the winner!  SOOOOO, here it is!  Until the end of JUNE you may use the coupon code JuneSale2011 and receive 35% off any purchase! Hurry though, I wont have another sale for some time!
Visit KraftyMax’s Studio
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Sales Ends 6/30/11
Now, for my hops – let’s see, what to do today!!

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For today, please turn off the TV for an hour and just listen!  New house or old, in the car or taking a walk, there are sounds of life – take a moment to enjoy them!  ~KM


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  1. Harvest Moon by Hand

    Thanks for visiting my blog as part of the Triple Treat Tuesday Blog Hop. Enjoyed taking a look at your beautiful flowers (they’re so bright and colorful!), and seeing the garden markers. Such a lovely way to mark what’s growing in the garden.