Terrific Tuesday 3/27/12

Yesterday I spent cleaning the house and getting ‘life’ ready for the rest of the week.  It is simply amazing how you can let things go for just a day or so and be so far behind.  I have to tell you that I am almost always a day late and always a dollar short!  I feel like my life is simply playing catch-up.  I am productive during the day, I really am, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything I want to done.  Oh well, I guess it is time to relax  I mean bead!  Oh my, could this be the reason I am behind?  Beads…. nooo, it couldn’t be that!  :)))
But, I did get a chance to list something new.  This is another creation out of my grandmothers ‘box’ of odds and ends.  I found this wonderful centerpiece and then I came across the vintage glass beads.  They were meant to fit together!  If you want to see more views, simply click on the photo and you’ll go to my studio. 
Purple Dried Flowers Caught in Time Necklace Set
And today I would like to feature Thomas John’s Studio.  This wonderful artist paints with a passion.  All of his works ‘draw’ you in and let you experience something amazing.   I simply couldn’t decide on which one to feature, so I posted both of my favorites.  Go visit his studio and see for yourself.
As the entries grow and the fun builds I am so amazed at the response.  If you haven’t entered yet, now’s the time.  There is A BUNCH up for grabs with a grand prize valued at $130.00, two runner ups valued at $25.00 and a bonus with a value of $25.00!  Now that is a PARTY!! 
Alright, what is left?  A Closing thought?  Let’s see, for today I think it should just be a word, yes, a word.  So simple…..
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