Terrific Tuesday

For most of those that have been my followers for a while, you know that I don’t sleep much.  I have been trying something different over the past few of days and have moved – at least for the time – from 4-5  hours per night to 6-7 hours per night.  I have been doing some self hypnotics I learned way back in high school.  Basically just relaxation before bed.  So far, it has worked.  

ﭢ    ﭢ   ﭢ     ﭢ    ﭢ    ﭢ    ﭢ    ﭢ   

Both of my kids got up about 15 minutes before they should have this morning and then proceeded to ‘cuddle’ on the couch…. doesn’t this look warm and relaxing?  

Don’t they look innocent and peaceful when they are sleeping??  How deceiving!!!  ha ha ha 

✌  ✌  ✌  ✌  ✌  ✌  ✌  ✌ 

I thought I would feature an artist that also has a beautiful print about a sleeping dog!  This wonderful artist – DreamDogPaintings –  has been painting for over 10 years and her true talent has really shown through.  This wonderful Greyhound looks like he is about to wake up and want you to pet him.  What great detail in this work.  Please go check out this wonderful studio and remember to let her know where you heard about her. 

❂  ❂  ❂  ❂  ❂  ❂  ❂  ❂ 

On a last note, can you vote for my Celtic Sun Catcher – it is # 10 on the list!  THANK YOU!!

Remember that just around the corner is the ‘DOG DAYS of SUMMER’ and you need to be ready!?!?!  ~KM
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