Terrific Tuesday 3/6/12

What a fun day I had yesterday!  I was able to bead – most of the day – which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Here is one of the things I made… I just love Peridot!!  
The Simplicity of Peridot Necklace and Bracelet Set
 *** It is a 3 piece set, click on the photo to see more ***

  I was able to award a prize on a give-a-way, announce another winner in my own give-a-way and was given a blogging award!  WOW!  That is what you call a wonderful day!


First I was given the name of the winner of my Give-a-way and review over at Daily Mothering.  With over 9,500 entries, I am glad it was done randomly!  The winner was : JoAnna D. Here is what I’ll be sending out to her.

Then there is the contest I was running on Facebook.   
Rafflecopter picked Entry #104 – Katherine to win this great anklet.


Then my dear friend over at The Eclectic Element awarded me the Kreative Blogger Award!  
WOW, what an honor.  
Thank you so much! 
So, here is what I have to do:

Rules for this particular award:

1.) Link back to the person who gave it to you – DID IT!!

2.) Share 10 random facts about yourself – oh my!!
1.  I was born in a little town in Northern California – Roseville.
2. I have been to Cuba.
3.  I lived in Puerto Rico for almost 3 years.
4.  I was in the Navy (stationed in Puerto Rico).
 5. I drove across the country (from Florida to North Carolina to California) and back with my kids (at the time they were 4 and 9) one summer.

6. I can NOT draw or paint – even my stick figures are bad!

7. I really don’t like the color ORANGE!

8.  I am a TERRIBLE speller.

9.  I love to play computer scrabble – it helps my bad spelling.

10. I am married to the love of my life (we’ve been together for 17 years)!

And now I have to pass this award on to 7 people

***these are all people I follow every day***

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The Life of Jennifer Dawn 


And now, to leave you with these words:




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  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    You’ve been a busy little beader, haven’t you!? 🙂 That set you made is just gorgeous-I enjoy the peridot stone as well.

    Congratulations to both the winners of your two giveaways-over 9500 entries, huh!? Now THAT is what I call publicity!

    And you are very welcome on the award-You deserved it 🙂