Terrific Tuesday 5/22/12

Yesterday turned out to be everything I hoped for!  I was able to get so much done!  Once again I am beading like crazy!  With Birthday’s and Graduations all happening at this time there is plenty of ‘last minute’ orders.  I also just received an order for an entire bridal party.  This one will be fun because they are all wearing different colors!!  I’ll get to make something for EACH brides maid – in her own color and style!
I have also been working on a ‘larger’ project.  This one will be something amazing – if I can get it done in time and the way I want it!  I’ll start posting the photos on Wednesday if everything goes right – I’ve had to rip out and start over several times, so let’s hope I got it right this time!!!
Yesterday I was able to list this amazing halter that my friend over at Par-O-Dice Creations finished.  I was able to get Aye to model it for us, and boy was that a wake-up call.  Just look at my ‘little girl’!  She is growing up so very fast!  I know, it is about the amazing top that she is wearing, but I just can’t get over how BIG she looks – until the last photo?!?!  You’ll have to click on the photo and go to the studio to see the LAST photo – I don’t want to ruin the surprise!!

Hand Crochet Pink Yellow and White Summer Halter – Par-O-Dice Creation

Then I listed another pair of earrings… I am having so much fun with these!!

 Green and White Beadwoven Earrings

Now, since I am bragging on my beautiful daughter I’ll show off one more of her sketches.  This is the ‘eye of the dragon’.  I am just amazed at her talent…..I wish she would draw even more….maybe a dragonfly?  I DO have a birthday coming up!?!?  🙂


Alright, I guess that is enough for now!  I do want to leave you with this wonderful quote;

We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.

~Helen Keller

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