Terrific Tuesday

Today’s post is very late!  Between the fight last night and the fight this morning my computer is very lucky to be alive!!  I have actually tried to blow it up a couple of times over the past 12 hours!  YES, it is dying…. I may have to get another one soon….
But the good news is that I did get it back to working… kind of…. and that I have done 2 more tubes for my Sunset necklace I was showing you yesterday.  Here is what all 4 look like together, so far!
Very nice, if I do say so my self!  I am not sure if I’ll get more done today, the computer still needs LOTS of help!
Here is my new listing for today.  I just LOVE the way this one came out.  I guess I am having a thing for Black and Orange lately!!
Here are two collections that I have been featured in.   Thank you JEMSStones and  campbellcreations8 for including me in these great collections!
Between the computer problems – and the JEEP problems (that is to talk about another day) I am not going to do any hops or featured artist today.  I would like to go back- just one more time – to the one word closing, because I think it is VERY appropriate – 
Survive!!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. FDEkszer / Viki

    Your blog post could be partially mine… My computer is extra sensitive and now the only way I can turn it on if I tip the whole BIG machine (I mean the whole case) about 45 degrees. Ridiculous – but works… Anyway, hope you can fix yours I would very much miss your blog posts if you had to skip a few days due to a “not cooperating” PC. Can’t wait to see your finished necklace!

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    @FDEkszer / VikiThank you so very much Ms. Viki, I think that I am back up and running. I new computer and hours of transfer and ‘re-installing’ all those wonderful programs I use and here I am! I am so glad to be back! I did get a bit of beading done though!! ~KM