Terrific Tuesday 6/19/12

Today is a special day for me, it is my birthday!!!

 I am now ** years old!  

Yep, I really am!! 
Yesterday my son showed off his love of fashion when he was getting ready to go to the pool, what do you think, does he have my eye for color and style?
I have been working on this wonderful Russian handpainted necklace for some time.  It was very hard to get the colors and lay just right, but I finally did it!  Just look at what I came up with!!  The back is signed and still has the ‘Made in Russia’ sticker.  This is out of my Grandmother’s Stash, and I think I did the flowers proud!

Orange Russian Handbeaded Flower Necklace – from Grandmothers Stash

So, as I close today I would like to leave you with just one word…..
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2 Responses

  1. The Seeker

    Hope you’ll have a fantastic day and many blessings to the year ahead.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so very much!!