Terrific Tuesday 8/28/12

TERRIFIC, yep, that it is!!!  I was able to get some beading done yesterday, and boy was it fun!!  I have to say that I get much more done when the kids and hubby are gone, but it is also so nice to have them here too!! 
First I want to show off something from any amazing artist…. Kimis-Jewelry-From-The-Heart.  She is not only my featured artist for today, but she is also a great friend.  I recently wrote a review/recommendation for her and I think it says it all;
I have worked with Kimberly Idalski (Kimis – Jewelry-From-The-Heart) off and on for a few years now.  Beyond being a wonderful woman she is a great artist.  The quality of her designs are extremely high.  Her attention to detail takes all of her creations to the next level – above and beyond most others in the industry.  I have been the proud owner of several of her clay creations and just recently ordered more.  I know that I can trust the quality, color and design of each of her creations. 
 I received these beads from her over the weekend.  I just can’t tell you how the photos don’t do the colors justice!
Here is all but a necklace that my daughter stole – it was a piece sign – and wont give back!!
I hope to bead both of these into beadwoven necklace sets!!
And this one, is just for ME!!
And then there was another gift in the box.  First I must show you my logo….
Now, I’ll show you this AMAZING ACEO I received…. I am completely speachless (which is saying something) at this talent!!
I do actually have a new listing too…..but it is just s simple Purple Cross…but I like it!!
Tomorrow I’ll show off what I got at the bead show and also another new creations, maybe I’ll get the cupcake bracelet done… maybe!  But for today I’ll leave you with this thought;
Action makes more fortune than caution. ~ Charlotte Whitton
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4 Responses

  1. Katherines Corner

    Sweeet!!! xo

  2. kim Idalski

    Thanks so much hon. Im so happy your happy with everything. I cant wait to see what you create with my beads. I know you will look them look amazing. Hugs.

    • Krafty Max

      I can’t wait to start… I wish I could right now, but I have to finish what I am working on… I think!!