Terrific Tuesday 9/25/12

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day I have planned…. Let’s see if it works out that way!!  I have been beading and enjoying my days over the past few weeks, I guess it is time to start making plans for the holidays!  I have been putting it off, but I guess it is time!!  I just love the holidays, I just love them in their time….. because I am a business owner I have to think of them much sooner than I like!!  So, any requests for the holiday season??  Any new ideas you would like to see?  Any new colors or styles??
Here is my new listing for today, this one is very simple and very unique!!

Triple Strand Eagle Gemstone Necklace Set

And here is my current project, remember, you can watch it – row by row – on my  Fan Page or Google+ page.  Any new guesses yet??
 Today’s featured artist is – ByCoco.  This amazing military wife and mother of FIVE has the most wonderful tallent to brighten your day with her art.  With a talented husband at her side it is no wonderful that she can make me smile with this great stained glass creation!  Please go check out her studio – she has more than just stained glass creations there – and find something that makes YOU smile too!  And remember, always support handmade artist if you can!!
 Halloween Ghost and Bat Duo Stained Glass Ornament
And now, to leave you with this thought for today;
The sun can shine in your heart or in your eyes…. it is your choice!
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4 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    Just another one of your necklaces I’m in love with! I think I’m just a sucker for round, gemstone like beads like that 🙂

    I can’t believe the holidays are sneaking up on us already either! I really should start being the better business person and plan like you do, planning in advance and whatnot.

    Maybe next year!

    • Krafty Max

      I am SOOOO not ready, just thinking about it the other day ‘put me off’ about planning….. uck!!

      Thank you!!

  2. Coco of ByCoco

    KM, Glad I could make you smile…
    Thanks for the shout out…(that made me smile…)
    Hope everyone who sees my ghost/bat combo smiles…

    • Krafty Max

      I am just glad you enjoyed it!!