Thirsty Thursday

Wow, is it Thursday already?  This week has gone by very fast…I was looking around Etsy – I always spend TOOOOOO much time ‘looking around’!!  I found this wonderful photo from YSL Photography.  Yes, I guess I am partial to it…it is a dragonfly!!  Please visit and look at this wonderful shop!  Thank you and Enjoy  ~KM

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  1. Doris Sturm

    What an interesting Dragonfly photo…I love them too. I have become especially fond of them since I discovered they eat mosquitoes and knats.

    Hey, that “Thirsty Thursday” doggy drinking out of that bucket, is it yours?
    I have a Pet Costume Contest on my blog and I am accepting contestants till Wed. 10/21 at midnight. Just dress up your pets (any pets) and send me 3 photos of each to and a little info, like breed, age and some personal stuff…
    Would love to get more pictures and the winner wins $15 of my handmade stuff plus FREE shipping!

    p.s. tell everyone!