Thoughtful Thursday 10/10/13

Thank you very much!  Yesterday I put a question out to you and I have to tell you, thank you!  Not only did I receive some great comments, but also amazing compliments.  So, THANK YOU!!  You just don’t know how much it means to me to know that not only that YOU read my blog, but also that you ENJOY it!! 🙂  So, THANK YOU!!!  
It’s the LAST DAY!!!  Hurry over and see how much 25% off really is!! 
Yes, it is over!!  My 3rd ’tis the season’ package has been awarded!!  I am very happy to announce the winner Kari Judd.  But, I would like to send out a BIG thank you to Lily and Jasmine Treasures  for putting my give-a-way on their blog!!
I am still working on my Monster High bracelet, and it is turning out really nice!! I can’t believe how many people love this show!  I have had so many comments about it!!   Please remember to come and check out my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
Yesterday I was able to finally list my two newest ear cuffs!!  They are just tooo cute!  And yes, that is my daughter’s ear!!  🙂  They are Sterling Silver and from what my daughter tells me – VERY comfortable (she wears her MANY different color cuffs almost daily) !! 
(And remember they are also on sale until the end of the day! )
Today’s featured artist is: GraciousElements.  I have to tell you that this studio is full of wonderful things, but this MONSTER SPRAY is what caught my eye!!  Not only does it have a glow in the dark label and would be great to ‘scare away’ those monsters at nap time – it is also very functional!  That is right, it actually contains some amazing Essential oils that promote calmness to help your Monster take a nap or go to bed at night!
 There is just tooo much for me to tell you about everything in this studio, but let me say that even the jewelry that is created is designed with color and gemstone therapy in mind!!  You really must go and look around to see it all for yourself!  And remember, always support handmade artist – they create out of love!
Monster Spray 2oz monster away children toddlers bedtime nap calm
Today I would like to leave you with this thought:

Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character.
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6 Responses

  1. Aneah

    Thank you so much for making me today’s Featured Artist! I’m off to promote your blog, and very much appreciate your honoring my shop with this story.

    • Krafty Max

      You are so very welcome!! ~KM

  2. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    Those ear cuffs are just darling! They’re so very unique and add a little splash of color to any outfit 🙂

    Congratulations to the newest lucky winner of your 3rd contest! I must say I’m quite jealous of all the winners but I’m glad those supplies are going to good homes!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you, I think the cuffs are fun!!

      I just feel so lucky to be able to give them away!! ~K M

  3. Louise

    Hi Krafty Max! thank you for mentioning me in your blog. I am enjoying checking out your Art Fire Store. I thing the ear cuffs are great, my favorite item I have seen is your Peridot and Swarovski set. But the things from Grandmother’s stash are great, too!
    Louise from Lily and Jasmine’s Treasures.

    • Krafty Max

      You are so very welcome!! I am so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for ‘checking me out’ too!! 🙂 ~KM