Thoughtful Thursday 2/14/2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is the CURRENT project that I am working on… the MOM bracelet will be perfect for ANY Mom when it is done!!  I designed this pattern with my own MOM in mind!! Here is row 143….more to come!!  I have finished the design, but I just MUST add fringe…. and I am thinking SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL!!!   Remember, you can watch it ‘grow’ on on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.


Thank you so much to FadedLeaves  for including my ‘I LOVE YOU’ photo/key chain beadweaving in this amazing collection!!!  Just look at all the ways to say something – without words!!

 Don’t forget, I have MANY new things listed in my Grandmother’s DESTASH Section!!  I am listing about 20-30 new mixes a week right now, so try and check in when you can….some listings are mixed media, some are beads….. and some are books…. so, come check in and see what I have for you!!!
And IF any of you missed it, I am giving away on of my PURPLE creations, but TODAY is the last day….. you really must come look at all the different blogs and different things you could win.
During this great Purple Valentine Blog Hop you’ll find some great new BLOGS and AMAZING creations to win,  SO, click on the logo and go enter…….. I entered!!! 🙂 
Today’s featured artist is: OffbeatBeauty.  This great artist learned to crochet from her Grandmother.  There are some ‘uncommon’ things that this artist does, though, she eats fire, bar-tends, twist balloons, paint faces, teaches yoga, sings, acts, writes poetry, and she is now currently learning to juggle and spin poi!  WOW!!  I have to say that it is always so interesting to see what different artists do when they have ‘down time’!!  Please go check out the amazing creations in her studio, you will love them!!!  And remember, always support handmade artists!!
Crocheted Pink Lily Flower Pen

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

LOVE yourself and those whom you choose to hold close!!
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