Thoughtful Thursday 2/7/13

Today I am supposed to be thoughtful, and I am!!  It seems like just about every Thursday I have been working on something that makes me reflect on myself or life.  Today is not different.  I have been working on designing my new creation for a contest that I hope to enter.  The design is VERY large and complicated!!!  I have found that my mother is very good at giving me ideas and the ‘pluses and minuses’ beaded (she did teach me how)!  But, my dad seems to be great at giving me advice on designs.  I find that he has the ‘eye’ for color and layout (he taught me how to see things too) and can look at a design and pick it apart for me – in a good way!! 
 My dad and I when I was VERY little!

My dad and I when I was a teenager and a counselor for 6th grade science camp!

So, for the last few days there have been many phone calls, emails and internet searches between me and my mom and dad in California!  The ONLY down side is that they are 3 hours behind me and I usually have my BIG ideas first thing in the mornings!!!!  I wish we lived closer!!! BUT, the good news is that the design that we have come up with is AMAZING!!  Now, to just order the beads, start working on it and get it done within the time frame…. ok, time to stop being thoughtful and get to beading!!  
Sorry, I can’t show you the design until I am working on it – or maybe even done?!?!
I have finished this one – except for the clasp and to do a mini shoot!  So, you’ll have to watch what is next on on my Fan Page or Google+ page because I haven’t pulled a new project yet!!!  I’ll get this one done and listing for tomorrow…. I know there are several people waiting for this one to be listed!!! 
Did you all enter yet – only a few days left!!!  It is very easy!!  AND, you will get a chance to win this amazing book!! So, what are you waiting for??  Just click on the photo and you are just a couple of clicks away from being entered!!!  ENJOY!! 
Today’s featured artist is: QueenofDeTile.  This great artist has done it all RIGHT!!  She developed her craft, designed a brand and even got in with some great artists to exclusively use their art is with her creations!! I have to say, many of us can take lessons from this great way to start your business!  AND, her creations are beautiful and amazing too!!  Please go check out her studio and remember to always support handmade artists…we create because we love it!!
Ceramic Coasters Rosie Brown Dragonfly Painting Tile Drink Sets
Today I would like to leave you with thought;
Accept the fact that regardless of how many times you are right, you will sometimes be wrong.
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