Thoughtful Thursday 3/28/13

Well, yesterday I spent the day getting all the detail finished on the big PARTY!!  I am so excited to be giving away these great prize packages!!! I am going to make 4 people very happy – hopefully!!  As I was working on the Party I did a lot of thinking about how far things have come! I have actually been in ‘business’ for almost 9 years, but in the beginning there wasn’t any social media work.  I started out doing local Art/Craft shows. As word spread, my creations improved and my reputation grew I started doing more and more shows.  There were ‘in-work’ shows, ‘at home’ shows and even a couple of mall shows. 
But, when the economy started to drop crafters were hit hard.  People stopped spending, but the shows, hotels, gas, etc still charged – and went up!  So quickly I went from doing 40-50 shows (some small) a year to 5 in just a year!  I quickly found out that Social Media was the way to go.  I am now able to reach people ALL over the world and interact at any moment with my customers!!
So as time gone on I have really grown – both in my social media knowledge and my creations.  It is because of the encroachments of my fans and followers that I keep creating new designs and continue to grow.  I have to say that although I have had some ‘slow’ times and some times that aren’t many sales, I am ALWAYS encouraged and forge on.  Right  now is the best of times!!!  I have been having a year that started out slow and has grown stronger and stronger as the days go on! 
Let’s see what has happened over this year so far!!!
Given away 5 GREAT beading books to Krafty Max Originals Fans
And that, is just the MAJOR milestones of the last 3 months.  I have to say, I am so flattered.  I know that my followers and fans are here with me, showing off my creations to their friends and family – and for me, that is the most amazing part of this experience.  I hope that someday I can look back and remember all these wonderful things – as the place where it all began!!!
If you didn’t see it, here it is…. my BIG Party…. come on over and enter to win!! 
Here is where I left off last night – what do you think??  You can watch it ‘grow’ on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
 I will be starting with a NEW newsletter for the month of April, so if you would like to get on the email list, please leave your email address in the comments.  There will be a ‘extra’ surprise contest for Newsletter members ONLY! 
And today, I would like to leave you with this one word, that has so much meaning and said with my heart;

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