Thoughtful Thursday 3/7/13

Today I have so much to be thoughtful and thankful for.  Over the past week my life seems to once again take on a life of it’s own!! My daughter Aye has been sick this week too, nothing to bad, the flu and tonsillitis, but it has been a ‘quiet’ and very ‘soft’ week!  Now that she is feeling better we have also had some talks, small ‘mother daughter’ talks, but they have been nice.  My daughter and I have always been very close, but like most kids her age (13) it is getting harder and harder to just sit and ‘talk’.  So, between the success and great moments in my Krafty Max Originals career, there have been some even more special moments with my daughter this week!!
One of my fan/friends suggested this, and I am going to ‘roll’ with it!!  I love the idea!!!  Whoever purchase the creation will ALSO be provided with a autographed copy of the magazine!!  Click on the photo above to go and leave your bid!!!
Yesterday I introduced my newest project….and here is how it looks now… already on it’s way!!  Remember, you can watch it ‘grow’ on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
I have to THANK DoubleSJewelry for including me in this great collection!! 
Today’s featured artist is; Purebathandbeauty.  This great artist is often referred to as the mad scientist by her family! This studio is full of ‘yummy’ and beautiful creations to help people with their skin care and cleansing routine.  They are all HANDMADE and focused on being healthier for your body!  I am in complete awe!!  Please remember to support handmade artist, we create because we must!
Hot Baked Apple Pie Cupcake Soap
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Remember that no time spent with your children is ever wasted.
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