Thoughtful Thursday 5/2/13

Yesterday was one of those amazing days where I get to finish a project and also start a new one…. the BEST!  I also got to do laundry, dishes, the floors….uuggg….not the BEST, but it has to be done!!!  
I picked a winner this morning for the most recent book, you can check here to see if YOU are the winner!! A Book for Beaders
I also looked around my studio and found the section I think I am going to do the Treasure Hunt in….. I hope you like it too!!  It will be a fun one!! So, come back tomorrow and find out what section and if there is something you ‘just can’t resist’!! 🙂
Have you ever heard to Italian Onyx??  Well, it is such a beautiful stone!  Here is the stone, the colors and (in my head) I have the perfect design….now, to get it all to some together the way I have envisioned! You can watch my current project grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.
Today’s featured artist; BoatrightWoodworks.  Although this studio doesn’t have many items in it, the items that are there…. AMAZING!!  This gentleman has been married for over 50 years to a wonderfully supportive wife!  I have to say that one of the things that he mentions in his BIO is that he made his first lathe when he was only about 12-13 years old.  For me, that makes me think that his love for nature and wood has been ‘growing’ throughout this entire life!  And, it shows!! His work is simply amazing!! Please go visit his studio and remember that supporting handmade art is the best support you can give!
Ballpoint pen, black ash burl wood, Slimline style, gold titanium accents, handturned
Today I would like to leave you with this comment;
Be the person you’d be proud of your daughter becoming.
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