Thoughtful Thursday 7/11/13

Today I am excited to be showing off my first creation from the Prima Beads welcome kit.  I have thought a lot about what I am going to create, how I am going to use each item and what I am going to do with them when I am done.  Yes, simply selling them would be the easiest, but I have another idea.  First, I will use some of the creations I make as a ‘teaching’ creation.  Next, I will put together several of my items and hold an auction to benifit the American Red Cross!  So, without further aduo…..
Here are the items I choose to work with…

And then I added these twisted jump rings (from my own stash)…..

And here is what I came up with…
BUT, here is the ‘teaching’ part.  If you look back at the bracelet foundation there are spacer beads in the middle area. 
Now, all of the LARGE HOLED beads fit easily over the spacer beads, but I wanted to add the crystals to the mix as well and these wouldn’t fit over the spacers.  I also, didn’t want them slidding all over the bracelet, I wanted them to stay in the middle.  SO, using my own stash I found some jump rings that were big enough to slide VERY easily over the foundation, but NOT slide over the spacers.  I then put the crystals on head pins and turned the loops.  
By opening the twisted jump rings I was able to put some inbetween each crystal, and also between the spacers.
Now, if you look close at the photo above and below I also put a couple of twisted jump rings at the VERY end and VERY start of the bracelet.  Why?  The one’s at the back are to keep the look consistiant.  The one’s at the start (below) are to stop the large hole beads from sliding off the bracelet everytime you take it off or put it on!
Now, if you have noticed, all my items are in an ODD number.  If you are not aware, I have a Masters Degree in Marketing and Business Management.  Now, one of the first rules we were taught was the rule of ODD.  I know, it is an ODD rule (old school joke)!!  When you do things in an even number your eye is drawn instantly to the PATTERN, not the DESIGN!  Think about how many logos that have 3 arches, 3 letters, and so on!  So, for me, you will rarely see anything that is in an EVEN pattern!!
I also wanted to show off my OLD and NEW jump ring opener.  I told you I had used mine just about up….
Please let me know what you think about my ideas and if you like me explaining ‘teaching’ you about my designs.  Do you want me to do more??
Today’s newest listing is from my Grandmother’s Stash.  Now many of you are new to my blog and creations, so you may not know what that means.  Here is the story behind this and many other of my creations!

My Grandmother was a lover of everything jewelry and beads. She would buy an item – just because she liked it – and then put it away. Many times she shopped at flea markets and garage sales. She could tell what was high quality with just a look!
When she passed away right before Christmas 2012 my mother sent me 9 medium sized boxes of beads, parts, creations, embellishments and many other items to use in my creations. Some of them are listed in my DESTASH studio ( ) for sale as parts and pieces. Other items – like this one – you can purchase in my studio after I have cleaned, check and treated all the parts.

I hope that you enjoy my creation from my Grandmother’s stash and that it brings you as much joy as it has me – in the making of it! ~KM

So, here is what I created!!  I had to clean, shine and seal the piece of wood that is the center to this set, but just look at what it turned out like… amazing!!
Just look at how far I got yesterday.  I have to say, this design required a LOT of consintration, there are six colors and six rows around, so every row I move the colors one spot, BUT, I also have to start with the color that finished the last row!! It is simple herrigbone stitch and although I am doing it two beads per row, it is still very SLOW moving…. but, IF it works out the way I am hoping… it will be AMAZING!!!  Remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day!!
And remember, it is VERY simple to enter to win this Prima Beads Class in a Box Give-A-Way.  Simply click on the photo and you’ll go to the post where you can enter… there are daily entries too!!
I have been talking about Monster a lot this week, so I thought I would talk about someone else today!! Ziggy!! We live in a very small house and so when we looked for a dog we had to find something small.  First we picked out a puppy, but unfortunately he got VERY sick and had to be put to sleep shortly after we got him. I broke my (and the kids) heart!  I spent that years Valentines day morning at the vets with my brand new puppy ‘going to sleep’.  
So, I was set against another dog (that was our first try) for my own heart (and my kids).  THEN, I was at a craft show – just minding my own booth – when a no kill shelter came by taking their dogs for a walk.  NOW, although I wasn’t looking for a dog I still love ALL animals – so I just had to stop them and give them ALL some love.  After talking to the lady and explaining what we had just gone through she said that she had a great mature dog that she would like to show me and that he had ALL his shots and was in great health.  I told her I was alone and couldn’t leave my booth, and I wasn’t really looking….but she said she’d bring him up to me.
Of course after some time I figured she had forgotten, but then…. this beautiful Rat Terrier came down the sidewalk, smelled me, jumped up into my lap an then onto my bead tray, layed down and just looked at me!?!?  I was shocked.  The lady told me that the dog – Ziggy – is very shy and she’s never seen him even aproach anyone.  He was once a show dog, but had been abused so badly that he couldn’t stand the crowds anymore.  
That night I adopted him, took him to the hotel (paid the pet fee) and took him home the next day!  To us, he is still a show dog – but now it means that we adopted him from a craft show!! He is over his shyness, but he still doesn’t bark or make much noise! His favorite place is in his ‘house’ or on the back of the couch sitting in the sun looking out the window!!  He is MY dog in everyway, but we all love him and have for more than 5 years!! 
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
When waling a dog, let the dog pick the direction.

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  1. Kathi Demaret

    I liked your lesson in making the bracelet. Very interesting. The bracelet is gorgeous. I love you you use the blue crystals as dangles.

    • Krafty Max

      THank you as always!! ~KM