Thoughtful Thursday 8/22/13

Yes, I am back….kind of!  I am ‘limping’ my computer along for now.  I have discovered the problem and YES, it will require a new one.  I have to say that now that I know what the problem is I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, but for the moment….. this just isn’t fun anymore.  I can be typing alone and it just crashes!!!  I’ve already ordered a new computer, but it will be a couple of days before it is in.  
Because my computer was an UNEXPECTED expense – I wanted to help off-set the cost by having a sale in my Krafty Max ArtFire Studio.  It is 20% off EVERYTHING, but ONLY until 8/25/13, but it is a GREAT sale!  So, if you have anything on your wish list… now is the time!!
 I also told you that I would show off my Aye on her ‘first day’ of 8th grade… well, here she is!! BEAUTIFUL!!
And then, in the middle of all of this – it was Hubby and I’s anniversary!!  YEP, we’ve been married 14 years – together almost 19 years!  For us there is a little ‘surprise’ for the weekend, but yesterday I was given flowers from both my hubby and the kids!!  The roses are from the kids and the BIG set is from hubby – I LOVE wild/spring flowers!!!!  
THANK YOU hubby – I have loved you for almost 1/2 of my life already and will love you for the rest of it!!
My current project – another Minion Bracelet.  This is making me smile and stay calm!!  Remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
My current give-a-way is at My Daily Ramblings.  There is an amazing review and a give-a-way for a $25.00 give certificate to my Krafty Max Originals studio (which can be won by ANYONE).  SO please, check it out and enter!! 
Congrats to Kelley Allen – she is this week’s FAN of the WEEK!!  THANK YOU to everyone for all your support!!
For any of you that are looking for jewelry making books, beads, mixed media items or even cross stitch patterns, please come check out my DESTASH studio.  I have used books/booklets starting at $0.50 and new books starting at $6.00.  Destash items run from $0.50 – $20.00.  SO, check it out and see if there is anything you want/need.  I add about 10-50 items each week!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Control your own destiny or someone else will!
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  1. patricia

    very professional —happy to know & share your work my sweet——pc