Thoughtful Thursday 8/29/13

Like so many weeks before, this week has just flown by!  With school schedules now ‘mostly’ ironed out and life getting back to routine, you would think that life would settle down….right?  Well, it is strange, I just seem to get busier and busier!!!  How does that happen??? 
Do you understand?  Is it possible to go back to the time where there were less things to deal with in one day?  I might have to just look into that!! 🙂
And now, I get to show off what I made with this months great kit!  The last few days I have been showing you working photos of my Kumihimo creations, but now…. the finished projects!  I have tried Kumihimo  several times before and never had much luck with it, but with my mothers help I was able to get these creations finished – and I am rather proud of myslef!! I didn’t want to do the ‘traditional’ items, so this necklace is very simple and the idea of the bookmark came from the weaving/braiding being so flat (perfect for pages of a book).  Please, click on the photos to see more photos or to puchase them.
***** They are also today’s newest listings! *****
I am gettign a LOT of comments about this one on FaceBook….so far, everyone likes it!!    Remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
I have listed three patterns for any of you that want to create your own MINION bracelets.  The hair and ‘extras’ you’ll have to add on your own though!!  Just click on the photo to go see the listing – or to purchase the pattern!
My current give-a-way is at My Daily Ramblings.  There is an amazing review and a give-a-way for a $25.00 give certificate to my Krafty Max Originals studio (which can be won by ANYONE).  SO please, check it out and enter!!
CONGRATS to Lisa Mills – my FAN of the WEEK this week!
Today’s featured artist is: CedarCreekSoaps.  This wonderful stay-at-home mom had gone from a jewelry designer to creating some amazing bath products.  If you just look at these creations you can see the love and quality that goes into them.  Please check out her studio and I am sure you will find a ‘favor’ to match any mood!!  And remember, always support handmade artistist when you can!
Mango Papaya Soap Cold Processed Soap
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Believe in yourslef!  
Have faith in your abilities!
Without a humble but reasonable
confidence in your own powers you
cannot be successful or happy!
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